You Could Win These DIY Coasters From Blog Cabin 2013!

wood coasters with white wineBuilder, project manager and upcycling expert Dylan Eastman has been working on DIY Blog Cabin projects for the past three years. You may know him from our Q&A with Dylan about the cabin or our exclusive Remodeling Blog Cabin video series on HGTVRemodels. Every year, he comes up with interesting ways to salvage, reuse and upcycle items from the house that are leftover at the end of the build.

This year, Dylan’s eye was caught by a rough-sawn heart pine 6 x 6 corner post that came out of the inside of the house. He knew it would look great cut into pieces and used as coasters, and he was right. But what to do with these coasters with no one in the house yet to enjoy them? Well, give them away, of course. You could win a set of 6 of Dylan’s coasters!

But before you get too excited and flip on over to the DIY Blog Cabin blog to find out how you can win these coasters, I urge you to just stop here and take a moment to lust after this beautiful grain.

heart pine wood grain

And if you like that, you’ll love this shot of the wood’s rough edges, too.

edges of coasters

Nice, huh? With character like this, rather than painting or staining the coasters, Dylan used shellac on them and called it a day. “I like a natural looking finish,” he says. I agree.

wood coasters
See below for Dylan’s how-to steps for creating these coasters. Not into woodworking? Well, luckily, this very set could be yours. Get on over the DIY’s Blog Cabin blog now to find out how.


Step 1

 Open Galleryrough sawn heart pine postDylan started with a piece of heart pine. The notched area was where the original post met a cross beam. If you can’t get your hands on salvaged heart pine, Dylan suggests using a rot-resistant wood like cedar. Pine and oak have larger pores that soak up water, though the shellac over these wood types should make them work just fine, too.

Step 2

 Open Gallerysawing coastersSet your saw to cut the posts across the grain at 3/4 inches. And heed Dylan’s advice: “Be careful about nails, lead-based paint and splits when using salvaged wood. There could be hidden stuff inside the wood that you can’t see at first.”

Step 3

 Open Galleryclamp coasters for sandingClamp the coaster pieces down for sanding.

Step 4

 Open Gallerysand the coastersTo retain the character of rough-sawn wood, sand the top, bottom and sides lightly using 60-, 120- and then 220-grit sandpaper. You just want to smooth out the wood. Because heart pine has so much sap, you may need to change out the disc more often than you expect.

Step 5

 Open Gallerycoasters with shellac on themApply three coats of clear shellac, allowing to dry and then lightly sanding between coats. After the final coat has dried, knock down the shine with steel wool, just enough to turn the semi-gloss sheen into a matte or flat finish.


  • Rough-sawn heart pine or other lumber
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • Shellac


  • Table saw or circular saw
  • Palm sander
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20 Responses

  1. Kimberly Williams says:

    I love the rolling doors to the upstairs Great Room, although it was a hard choice to make, cause I also love the dinning table among the many other items. But the rolling, rocking, sliding doors are my favorite!

  2. coolsmiley says:

    Mega Den rolling Door It not only rolls, IT ROCKS!!

  3. Dawn says:

    I love the unique headboard in the guest bedroom. The new and old paddles worked well together. Your eyes are definitely drawn to the bed.

  4. Kim says:

    I have to say I love the driftwood table in the living area downstairs. When I was young my parents collected all kinds of driftwood items when we went on vacation or when ever they found any. I still have two pieces of theirs. One is a driftwood lamp with a bowl in the middle, and one is a driftwood stump made into a tiki looking thing. Got to love driftwood.

  5. JoAnne Gray says:

    Hi! I am a new Blog Cabin addict! For years I was in the dark, but now I see the light! And "Oh Boy!" am I impressed. The greatest aspect of this new project was all of the re-cycling of materials. Talk about Green! Count me in from now on!

  6. marty b says:

    The best feature is the bamboo-flooring! …very exotic…

  7. Delores Abney says:

    What a great project. I never miss the DIY shows. Love the log cabin blog.

  8. AshNY says:

    The coasters are beautiful and a great project. I love the idea of making them as gifts for the holidays!

  9. Patrinka says:

    I love this idea. This makes great inexpensive gifts and something that can last a lifetime. Great to give as a housewarming.

  10. MaryPA says:

    This is a great idea,that was an old tree. Guess what the squirrels planted a black walnut tree and it must get cut down, you know I'll give it a try. I think I'll age the wood before the application of shellac. A nice table and bench too.

  11. Wulverine says:

    It is always great to see unique recycling ideas…thanks

  12. Kathleen Smith says:

    The door to the Mega Den is very neat. But there are so many great features in the Blog Cabin there are too many to mention. LOVE IT!

  13. Debra1955 says:

    Dylan, I believe my favoriate item is the night tables in the master suite. Such a great idea. I love the whole house a great vacation home.

  14. Rnovot1 says:

    Thanks Dylan…The coasters are lovely. What a very smart idea for coasters, I would never have thought of this. once Again…Thanks!!!

  15. This is a great way to showcase the tight grain of real heart pine. It is also an easy way to upcycle and honor all those little pieces of wood normally left over from larger projects. I just couldn't bring myself to toss even the smallest pieces of wood that had preserved so long.

    Blog Cabin has such loyal fans so this year I wanted to make sure some of them got a chance to win a little piece of it. Head on over to the BC13 blog, post your favorite reclaimed items from this year, and keep an eye out for two more rounds of goodies!

  16. Dylan, great coasters! Love their thoughtful simplicity–I could spend time studying their fascinating hearts–no pun intended! <3 Just beautiful!

  17. Laura D says:

    Love the hand-scraped bamboo flooring. It makes the whole cabin. By the way, what a great DIY project.

  18. Laurie_March says:

    Loving this! This is a simple DIY that you could do at home – even in bulk for holiday presents. I mean – who doesn't have to scramble at the holidays to find presents for everyone??

    This wood was so beautiful too…

    Thanks Dylan!!

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