Turn Bottle Caps Into Magnetic Photo Memories

photo of bottle cap magnets

photo of bottle cap magnets

This collection of bottle-cap magnets fits perfectly in an upcycled Altoids tin.

If you’re headed to see that happy couple getting hitched, add a personalized touch to your registry gift and try a hand at these upcycled bottle cap magnets. Use favorite photos of the bride and groom through the years and encourage friends to collect and contribute to this picture project. Since the photos are small, they don’t need to be high-resolution and can even be snapped on your phone. These crafty magnets are a simple way to break free from the gift-giving norm. Your favorite couple will pop their lid when they see your picture-perfect present.


Step 1

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Collect your photos. The final picture will be a 1” diameter, so you can print the pictures from digital files off of your computer. If you’re printing, make sure you use archival-quality paper and that the image of the happy couple fits into a 1″ circle.

Step 2

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Cut circles from the photo into a 1” diameter.

Step 3

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Super glue the photo onto the underside of the cap.

Step 4

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Use the glitter glue pen to squeeze a line of glitter around the edge of the photo. Let it fully dry.

Step 5

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Brush a coat of clear nail polish on top of the picture and let it dry.

Step 6

 Open Galleryphoto of wine bottle with stencil

Attach the magnet to the back of the cap with super glue or use a self adhesive bottle cap magnet, and let it set for 24 hours before you use it. Make as many photo magnets as you wish. Then, find a recycled box or mint tin as a gift box for your new magnets. This picture perfect project is a wrap!



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