Transform Your Old Tent Into New Curtains

photo of tent curtains

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You’ll be a happy camper when you give new life to your old outdoor gear.

When you’re ready for a curtain call on your current window coverings, get ready to create them from that retired tent hiding away in the back of your closet. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. The sheer fabric of the tent gives off a stained glass look when the sun is shining through. Plus each window will be cut from a slightly different part of the tent, so while they all match, each window will be unique. Your budget-friendly curtains will win a badge for eco-friendliest in home décor.


Step 1

 Open Galleryillustration of measuring window

Measure your window pane, making sure that you measure the entire area you want to cover. If you already have curtains in this window, you can measure the existing curtains as your guide. 

Step 2

 Open Galleryillustration of curtain measurements

To determine how large to cut your fabric, add 1” to the width and subtract 1” from the height. This allows for a ½” seam allowance on all sides and for the loops that you’ll add to the top. For example, my window was 20” wide by 35” tall. My fabric will be cut to 21” wide by 34” tall. 

Step 3

 Open Galleryillustration of cutting hooks and loops

Cut any hooks and loops from your tent and reserve these for affixing to the top of your curtain. 

Step 4

 Open Galleryillustration of cutting tent

Mark two pieces of tent fabric to the size you determined in Step 2 with tailor’s chalk. Then cut along this marked line. Tents are made to expand, so cut to the measured size as best you can. There might be extra flaps or folds within each piece. That’s OK – those parts just add character! 

Step 5

 Open Galleryillustration of pinning fabric

Stack the two pieces of tent fabric on top of each other with the right sides facing each other. Pin around the edges. 

Step 6

 Open Galleryillustration of stitching edge

Sew around the edges using a ½” seam allowance. Leave a 12” opening on one edge of the curtain. 

Step 7

 Open Galleryillustration of topstitching edge

Turn the curtain right side out and push out the corners. Topstitch around the edges, closing the 12” opening. 

Step 8

 Open Galleryillustration of sewing hooks

Add the hooks by pinning them along the top edge. Space them about every 5” at the top. If you don’t have enough hooks, you can always use loops of 1” wide grosgrain ribbon. Your loops should measure about 1” above the top edge of the curtain. Once your loops are attached, hook them to your curtain rod. 


an old tent
tent hooks and loops


tape measure
tailor’s chalk
fabric scissors
sewing machine or needle and thread

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  1. Is this really a tent? How come you create a wonderful window covering using it. I really love the idea. Thank you for sharing this.

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