RE:MAKE Your Wine Box Into a Business Card Holder

The Naked Grape 3L wine box biz card holder

Remaking projects aren’t only my favorite pastime, but they’re also my career, the title of my book, and the subject matter of this very blog that you’re reading. So when our friends at The Naked Grape Wine asked me to participate in the RE:MAKE event put on by Brit + Co. in San Francisco, I grabbed my scissors and fashioned the words “Count me in!!” out of the closest piece of scrap paper.

I’ll be there on October 4th and 5th representing TerraCycle at The Naked Grape Wine station where you can come learn about how this wine is made and why their new 3 liter box wine package is fully recyclable from bag to box. On site, we’ll even be upcycling The Naked Grape 3 liter wine boxes into business card holders that participants can make and take with them. The rest of the scraps will be transformed into a sign that is being custom made just for this event. If you’re on the west coast, sign up and RE:MAKE with us! It’s budget friendly, too, because admission on Saturday is free.

If you can’t RE:MAKE it there, you can still remake it on your own. Follow along with the template and the step-by-step below to create your own business card holder from that wine box or other thin cardboard scrap. Let’s get down to business.

Re:MAKE upcycled sign

How-To Tip: Click on the corners of the images below to view my instructional illustrations up-close.


Step 1

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box

Open your box at the seams and flatten it out. 

Step 2

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box templatePrint and cut out the business card holder template (in Tools at right) and place it on top of the flattened box. Trace onto the cardboard around the edge of the template. Then, cut the traced shape out of the cardboard. 

Step 3

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box

With a pencil, mark the score lines on the box where they are indicated on the template. Place the ruler on top of your cardboard cut-out on the places where you’ve marked your lines. Run your scoring tool along the lines. Then, fold at these lines.  

Step 4

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box template

Use a small paper hole punch or a pushpin to poke holes where they are indicated on the template. If you use a pushpin, wiggle it in the hole to make the hole large enough to fit the elastic cord through. 

Step 5

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box

Starting from the inside of the box, slip one end of the elastic cord through hole A and tie it off with a double knot. Then thread the untied end of the cord through hole B from the inside of the box through to the outside. Next, thread in through hole C and out through hole D. Next, thread in through hole E and back through hole F from the outside of the box, ending on the inside of the box. 

Step 6

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box template

Fold up your card holder at the score lines and tuck in the two side tabs. 

Step 7

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box

Tie a double knot at the end of the elastic cord. Make sure the elastic cord is a little loose because it’s supposed to wrap over the corners of the card holder to keep it closed. 

Step 8

 Open Galleryillustration of wine box template

Put a small piece of clear tape on either side, securing the tabs to the business card holder. You can even fill your new card holder with upcycled business cards, like I did, by creating a custom rubber stamp. Your newly remade business card holder is ready for employment!  


  • An empty wine box or other cardboard box
  • Thin elastic cord
  • Tape


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