Quick and Easy Felt Garlands

Throw together a festive snack table for little ones in no time flat.

Who likes a naptime project that looks Pinterest pretty? Who just sat up a little straighter and got ready to get down to business? For the non-parents (you lucky late-sleeping-on-Saturday folks), a naptime project is one you can accomplish from start to finish while the wee one slumbers. Because once they wake up, all project progress comes to a screeching halt. On the days my daughter, Elsa, is home with me and not with her we’re-so-lucky-to-have-her-in-our-lives sitter/nanny (snanny?), naptime projects are the only kind of crafty/DIY business I have any prayer of finishing.

Elsa was going to have a friend come over for a post-nap playdate a couple days ago and I knew there would need to be a mid-afternoon snack involved. I had some leftovers from a project I did recently, including some fun felt garlands that fit perfectly, so I set up Elsa’s table and chairs (IKEA, best thing ever for kid furniture) out on our deck for the girls to have their snack in the sunny fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t create a tablescape for every toddler snacktime. But I had fun party paraphernalia on hand and, hey, I like making things pretty. It’s just a thing with me.

You won’t believe how crazy easy it was to whip up these garlands. Only recently did I purchase my first sewing machine and I’m still juuuust barely proficient, so if I say this was simple, I’m completely serious. And as cute as the garlands looked on the chair backs, they’d look fantastic as a longer garland for a birthday party or (hint, hint) summer celebration. I chose the shape of my felt pieces because, let’s face it, the typical triangle bunting has become just a little overdone. Still cute and classic, but let’s shake things up, shall we?


Step 1

 Open GalleryI had some leftover grosgrain ribbon and felt pieces begging to be used and not relegated to the scraps bin. The shapes (pennant?) you see are super simple to cut—just cut a rectangle, fold in half and cut a triangle notch an inch or so up from the fold to the outer edge. Bam. Finito.

Step 2

 Open GalleryI measured the width of my chairs and measure my ribbon out. Then I lined up my felt pieces, alternating colors, and pinned the felt onto the ribbon, leaving a little extra at the top above the ribbon that I would trim off later. That way, it was easy to make sure the bottoms of all of the felt pieces were even AND it made sewing much easier for this not-so-experienced stitching novice.

Step 3

 Open GalleryThen it was time to pull out my beautiful sewing machine wonder. Isn’t she pretty? Proud owner, right here. I lined everything up so that I’d be sewing a straight line down the center of the ribbon, lowered the needle and presser foot, and off we went. For those not into sewing, you could easily hot glue the felt onto the ribbon—I’m just a little giddy about using my hot new machine, so any excuse to pull it out is good enough for me.

Step 4

 Open GalleryOnce all three of my little felt friends were stitched on tight, it was time to trim threads and trim the excess off the top for a clean edge at the ribbon.

Step 5

 Open GalleryWith the top of the felt trimmed, all you’ll see from the front side is a clean ribbon edge.

Step 6

 Open GallerySee? So simple, so basic, and even someone like me, who’s still more scared of the sewing machine than it is of her, can pull it off. You can see the universal (OK, maybe just to a party-happy gal like me) allure of how the garland looks strung up, but it looked pretty festive tied on to the back of the chair, too. I got the project done and still had time to slice up some fruit and veggies for the girls. Both snack time AND the garlands got the toddler thumbs up. Naptime project and toddler playdate were both successes. Hooray for small victories!


  • Felt or fabric cut into a uniform shape
  • Ribbon
  • Thread


  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun
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