Plush Pals: Turn a Tweed Jacket Into a Turtle Softie

plush turtle

As promised, Clayton the turtle makes his appearance, just behind Tomatilla the Fox . This plush pair makes a great set for that friend who’s expecting, or for a toddler just taking his first steps. The added fact that these softies are created from salvaged materials proves the perfect lesson in upcycling. It’s never too early to learn to reuse!

plush pals: turtle and fox

plush pals: fox and turtle

turtle and fox and case

create a handy carrying case from leftover suit scraps


Step 1

 Open Galleryprint pattern

Print and cut pattern

Print out the turtle pattern and cut out all of the pieces.

Step 2

 Open Gallerylayout pattern

Layout pattern

Lay the pattern out on the sport coats and cut out the pieces in the numbers indicated.

Step 3

 Open Gallerysew on heart

Sew on heart

Appliqué the heart onto the front of the belly.

Step 4

 Open Galleryadd the smile and eyes

add the smile and eyes

Draw the smile and eye onto each side of the face. Then, appliqué the smile and eyes in place by using a tight zig zag stitch.

Step 5

 Open Gallerysew around the head

Sew around the head

Place the turtle head pieces together with the right sides facing in. Using a backstitch, sew a 3/8” seam allowance along the edge, keeping the side open that will attach to the turtle. Flip to the right side.

Step 6

 Open Gallerypair up legs

pair and sew legs

Place pairs of legs together with the right sides facing out. Stitch a tight zig zag stitch around the edge of each pair, keeping the side open that will attach to the turtle.

Step 7

 Open Gallerystuff the legs and head

Stuff the legs and head

Stuff the legs and head with a small bit of fiberfill. Do not overfill, just enough to give them a little fullness.

Step 8

 Open Gallerysew the turtle shell

Sew the turtle shell

Place the turtle shell pieces together with the right sides facing in. Using a backstitch, sew a 3/8” seam allowance along the to edge, keeping the bottom open to connect to the belly.

Step 9

 Open Galleryattach head and legs to belly

Attach head and legs to belly

Place the head and legs on top of the belly with the right side of the belly facing up. The legs and head should all be facing towards the center of the belly. Using a backstitch, sew along the edges of each piece.

Step 10

 Open Galleryattach shell to belly

Attach shell to belly

Place the shell onto the top of the belly with the right sides facing in. Using a 3/8” seam allowance stitch along the edge, leaving an opening between the two back legs.

Step 11

 Open Galleryflip the body

Flip the body to right side

Flip the body inside out and press out all of the edges of the turtle.

Step 12

 Open Gallerystuff the turtle

Stuff the turtle

Stuff the turtle. Then, using a backstitch, sew up the open edge with a needle and thread. Your turtle has been suited up and is ready to play.



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  1. Michelle Reynolds says:

    I love these!

  2. Trish says:

    Tiffany, the turtle is very SWEET!

    I have made hams for ironing using tweed fabric for one side. This little turtle reminds me of it minus the head & legs. Now, I have a new little project to make. Thank you.

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