Plant a Strawberry Pot Succulent Planter

 succulents planted in strawberry pot

Succulents are moisture retentive plants that have evolved over time by adapting to harsh elements and limited availability of water. With over 10,000 species worldwide belonging to 60 families, there is a good possibility of finding interesting varieties in the trade and at a market near you. Varying in color, texture, height and growing pattern, plus a plethora of blooms, the combination possibilities for planters are endless.

I have over 100 planters with half of them planted with succulents. Agaves, yuccas, haworthias, aloes, cacti, sedums and more! I have 16 species of Sedum and 52 species from other genera of succulents! You could say I am obsessed. Mexican pottery, terra cotta pots, bright colored glazed planters, and hypertufa troughs – you name it, it has a succulent in it. One of my favorites is the strawberry pot. Traditionally used for planting strawberries, a strawberry pot has side pockets and allows for very well-drained soil, so it’s also ideal for succulents and herbs. I like to change it out from year to year to keep it fresh, and I like to feature at least nine plants in it at a time. In the strawberry pot, I choose plants that can stay outdoors during winter.

An added bonus to gardening with succulents: If you like to go on vacation and can’t always count on your brother to take care of your plants for you while you are gone, don’t worry. Since succulents are already adapted to dry and harsh conditions, they will be okay.


Step 1

 Open Gallerysucculents and strawberry potPick your plants. Choose a variety of different colors, textures, and growing patterns. Taller plants will be well placed in the top of the pot, while creeping plants will look great in the lower-level holes.

Step 2

 Open Gallerygravel in bottom of strawberry potPlace a pottery chard or a piece of landscape fabric over the drainage hole to prevent soil and gravel from washing out. Fill the bottom of the pot with gravel to aid in drainage. I like to use pea gravel. Unlike limestone, which is alkaline, pea gravel will not affect the chemistry of the soil.

Step 3

 Open Gallerysoil for succulentsMix your own soil. It is important to grow succulents in well-draining soil that also allows for good aeration. Succulents are prone to root rot but if you plant them in sandy soil, they will live happily in your garden. Soil is easy to mix yourself. Use one part sand, two parts potting mix, and one part homemade compost.

Step 4

 Open Galleryplanting succulents in strawberry potBreak apart the plants to fit the size of the holes. Sedums and most succulents are especially tough and resilient and will not mind being treated so harshly. Be careful not to break the foliage, but don’t be shy about tearing apart the roots. Save the unused parts of the plants to plant in other containers.

Step 5

 Open Galleryplanting succulents in strawberry potStart filling the pot with soil and plant as you go. Stuff the lower holes with the desired plants and backfill up to the next level. Stuff the next level holes and pack the soil in again, and up and above to the next level. Leave enough space for the top plants. Here, I chose three plants for the top. Cram in the last plants and pack soil in around, leaving enough space to top off with gravel.

Step 6

 Open Gallerywatering a strawberry pot planted with succulentsTop off the planter with small pea gravel. Succulents do not like wet feet, therefore it is important to separate the bottom leaves from the surface of the moist soil. Gravel is great for this purpose. Small pea gravel is tidy, attractive, and it helps retain moisture in the soil while keeping the plant high and dry. Gravel does a good job of mimicking the conditions of the land in which the plants are native. Don’t forget to water.

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