Mint Tin Upcycle: Turn Your Tin Into a Magnet Game

upcycled mint tin magnets

Mint tins make a great carrying case for jewelry, travel essentials, and more. For this fresh, upcycled idea, I put the magnetic attracting qualities of the tin into play. Then, I upcycled old magazine pages and flexible magnets to create one game of word play and another game of tin-tac-toe.

If you’d like a set of minty fresh magnets for your tic-tac-toe board, you can even use two colors of mints, coat them with a two-part resin and use a dab of super glue to attach curiously strong magnets to the back.

Don’t forget this post from last year that shows how mint tins make great storage cases for other magnetic mementos like these bottle cap magnets. You can check out even more mint tin and other upcycling ideas in my book, ReMake It!

upcycled mint tin-tac-toe

mint tin-tac-toe

upcycled mint tin-tac-toe

minty fresh magnets


Step 1

 Open Gallerycut magazines

cut magazine pages

Cut out words and letters from magazine pages. If you’re creating the word play project, then cut out words. For the tic-tac-toe game, cut “X” and “O” letters from the magazine. You’ll need five of each. Then cut four strips from the magazine to create the game board.

Step 2

 Open Galleryglue words

glue words

Glue the letters or words onto the flexible magnet.

Step 3

 Open Gallerycut magnets and words

cut magnets

Cut apart the game pieces. Your mint tin is ready for game play!


mint tin
magazine pages
flexible refrigerator magnet


glue stick

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  2. These look great! I especially love the magnetic sign! I can see so many great uses for it.

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