Mint Tin Upcycle: Jewelry Travel Case

upcycled mint tin jewelry case

Mint tins are such a good, crafty building block to start with. Sometimes I find myself eating through my mints just to have the case for my latest project. These cases are great for all types of survival kits and will keep all of your essentials safe and secure.

This gem of a project shows you how to transform your mint tin into a handy jewelry case in just a few easy steps. (Altoids are definitely the most popular, but any metal tin will do.) Your favorite earrings and necklaces will travel safely. And best of all, your budget friendly case won’t cost a mint!


Step 1

 Open Gallerymake holes

make 2 holes

First you’ll create two holes near the top corners of the lid. To do this, rest the lid facedown on top of a scrap piece of wood to protect your work surface. Place your awl or nail on the lid and hammer down.

Step 2

 Open Galleryinsert bolt

insert bolt

Insert the bolt through the hole you created. Secure with the nut on the inside of the lid. Repeat for the other side.

Step 3

 Open Gallerytwist wire

twist wire

Twist the wire around the pair of bolts, making sure the wire is pulled tightly. The wire is meant to hold dangly earrings.

Step 4

 Open Galleryadd additional holes

add holes

You can add additional holes in pairs for stud earrings, if you wish. Do this by adding holes in the same way you did in step 1.

Step 5

 Open Gallerydecorate the case

decorate the case

Decorate the outside if you’d like. You can even design your own custom sticker to attach to the lid.

Step 6

 Open Gallerymake earrings

make earrings

If you’d like to make minty fresh jewelry to go with your jewelry kit, like I did, use a drill bit to gently create a hole through the center of the mint. Add a headpin and then dip the mint into a two-part resin like Envirotex Lite. Bend the headpin into a circle, add a French hook or a necklace chain. Fill your carrying case with all of your jeweled essentials and you’re ready to go!


  • mint tin
  • 2 small nuts and bolts
  • 24- or 28-gauge wire


  • scrap piece of wood
  • hammer
  • awl or nail
  • 2 small nuts and bolts
  • 24- or 28-gauge wire
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  1. quickbuffet says:

    these types will make great gifts for events like birthday parties or valentines day indeed. Awesome

  2. That's one stunning jewelry travel case! Well done. :)
    Posting this post on my wife's wall she will gonna like it.

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