Make Your Own No-Sew Pan Protectors

My previous life was filled with a hodge podge of inexpensive pots and pans. Some with lids, some with dents, some non-stick, others total stick, and a few that were even mysteriously splattered with traces of oil-based paint (no comment).

We turned them in recently, upgrading to a matching set of shiny new stainless pots and pans that we intend to own and use until the end of time. The thing about owning something so new, shiny-shiny, and hopefully long-lasting is that you want to take good care of it from Day 1. Because creative, simple storage is a must in our current kitchen, and because maximizing its utility fits right in with my 2014 resolutions, we decided it would be easiest to keep the new merchandise stacked in a cabinet (versus hanging from the ceiling, or stored in my dream system, which wouldn’t fit with our cabinets, insert very sad face). That’s why I decided it would be wise to create some felt cushions, pieces that can be used interchangeably to keep our pots and pans as comfortable as a wool sweater during a polar vortex.

Make felt pot and pan cushions for the kitchen.

Making these pan protectors was a pinch with the help of some store-bought felt, and my new all-time favorite product, Fabric Fusion. Hurray for no-sew!

Keep on reading to see how you can make them for yourself at home.


Step 1

 Open GalleryMake a template for a DIY pan protector.My inclination was to make a pan cushion that could take the shape of either a pot or a pan. I have seen some store-bought designs shaped like a cross, but an “asterisk” shape would provide our stainless steel set even more coverage.

I started by making a template on a piece of cardboard.

Step 2

 Open GalleryCreate your template.Trace the outline of your inital sketch to create the real shape for your template, just the way you used to make bubble letters when you were six years old.

Step 3

 Open GalleryTesting Fabric Fusion permanent adhesive on the DIY pot pads.Cut out your template, and then use it to cut out your felt. To achieve a thicker and more durable cushion, I designed my pads to be double-thickness.

To adhere the two pieces together, you could sew them around the edge, but I decided to test Fabric Fusion, a machine-washable, non-toxic, no-sew solution.

Step 4

 Open Gallery the adhesive between the two layers of felt. Following the instructions, I pressed the fabric together to bond, and allowed it to dry for 4 hours.

Step 5

 Open GalleryDIY pan protector to keep cookware from scratching.Done! Once the glue is dry, the pan protectors are ready for use. They are so convenient for everyday storage!


  • 1/2 yard felt fabric
  • cardboard template
  • Fabric Fusion or other washable fabric adhesive


  • Scissors
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4 Responses

  1. Jackie D says:

    I was just browsing and came across this tutorial. I was wondering, can you wash these if you ever needed to? I am curious as to how the glue holds up.

  2. V's Crafty-Nest says:

    Hi! There I've never commented on anything. I've been trying to make these and I was wondering how big your pattern is?

  3. Deborah Kipness says:

    I made this same thing only I used the rubber type shelf liner from Rubbermaid. Never thought of the felt, novel idea!

  4. kellysmtrimble says:

    The clanging of pots and pans might be one of my least favorite sounds, so I love this idea! I'm definitely making some for our kitchen cabinets. Thanks, Emily!

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