Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block Inspired by Blog Cabin 2014

log cabin quilt at DIY's Blog Cabin 2014

Designed and made by crafter Lish Dorset specifically for DIY’s Blog Cabin 2014, this colorful quilt was inspired by the sand and coral tones of Florida. The quilt block, based on a traditional Log Cabin design, is simple for first-timers.

What says comfort and home better than a handmade quilt? Not much, we say. And that’s why we at DIY Network decided that a quilt would be a special touch at Blog Cabin 2014. Luckily, we have a connection in the quilting community — crafter and Creative Genius Lish Dorset. Lish created this quilt block using colors and patterns inspired by Florida, the home of this year’s Blog Cabin, using a tried-and-true quilting pattern called Log Cabin. (Get it? Aren’t we clever.)

You’ll spot this Blog Cabin quilt block in the house tour when it launches on July 15, but for now, there’s a little sneak peak of it in an outdoor space above. Below, find details and simple how-to instructions from Lish on how to make this colorful quilt block inspired by Blog Cabin 2014. And find the latest details from Winter Haven, Florida, on DIY’s Blog Cabin blog.

I first started quilting a few years back thanks to hours spent reading quilting blogs and drooling over the finished results — I wanted to make those beautiful, modern-looking quilts, too! I took a class at my local fabric shop to learn the basics, but it was learning how to make log cabin blocks on my own that really took my quilting to the next skill and confidence levels.

log cabin quilt tutorial

This technique is great for using up fabric scraps and making you feel more proficient when it comes to piecing. Best of all, they come together pretty quickly. Try my approach to making a log cabin block on your own with this tutorial. Click in the corner of any how-to image to flow through the instructions in a photo gallery.

Lish Dorset is a crafter, quilter, crafter writer and overall craft lover. She’s also a Made + Remade Creative Genius. Find more of her projects and ideas at


Step 1

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltSelecting fabrics for a new quilt is one of the best parts! For my finished quilt I used fabrics from contemporary designer Dear Stella. For the block logs we used Mercer Melon Chevron and Mercer Ditsy. The block center and quilt background fabric was Stella Solid Clay. For the binding, I used Savannah Ticking Stripe in coral. When you’re trying a new quilting technique for the first time, I recommend using scrap fabric to practice with, so I used some extra lime green fabric for my practice block.

Step 2

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTo start your block cut a piece of fabric so that is measures 2.5” by 6.5.” Cut a second strip of fabric so that it’s 2” wide and at least 6.5” in length. (It’s ok if you have a long piece to use – you’ll trim as you go.) Place the fabrics together and line up on one side. Sew a ¼” seam; trim the excess fabric so that both pieces measure 6.5.”

Step 3

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltUsing your iron, press the seam open so that the two pieces of fabric lay flat.

Step 4

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTo continue building your logs around the block’s center, take the excess fabric you just trimmed off and line up on the right side of the block and sew into place with a ¼” seam. Trim the excess fabric once sewing is complete and press the seam open.

Step 5

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTurn your block counter clockwise and add your next log, repeating the steps above (sew, trim fabric excess, press open).

Step 6

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTo complete the first set of logs on your block, turn your block counter clockwise again add your fourth piece of fabric.

Step 7

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltWith your first set of logs complete, number each piece on your block center. This will help you remember in which order to add your next set of logs to build up your block.

Step 8

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltFor your next set of logs, cut a long piece of fabric so that it’s 1.5” wide. Following the method you used to add your first set of logs, create the next set.

Step 9

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTo complete the block, cut a long piece of fabric so that it’s 1.75” wide. Following the method you used to add your first and second set of logs, create the next and final set.

Step 10

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltUsing my actual fabrics, this is what the block looks like. It should measure 9.5” by 13.5” when finished. To make a twin-sized quilt, make nine log cabin blocks total.

Step 11

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltWith your blocks ready to go, you can assemble your quilt top. To create the first row, cut one piece of your background fabric 9.5” tall and 23.5” long. Sew onto the left side of your block and press open. Cut a second piece of background fabric 9.5” tall and 23” long. Sew onto the right side of your block and press open. Make five rows.

Step 12

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltTo create the opposite row, cut a piece of background fabric 9.5” and 35.75” long. Sew onto the left side of the block and press open. Cut a second piece of background fabric 9.5” tall and 10.75” long. Sew onto the right side of the block and press open. Make four rows.

Step 13

 Open Gallerylog cabin quiltSew your rows together, staggering the different placements as you go. Quilt and bind as you like. I found a geometric pattern complemented this rectangle log cabin block really well.


  • Quilting fabric in 4 colors or patterns (amount depends on your plans)
  • Thread


  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Sewing pins
  • Pen or pencil
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  1. Laurie_March says:

    It's so good. :)


  2. janet says:

    Like the colors and pattern .

  3. candy says:

    Love this pattern and going to do this in green tones.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Love the rectangle log cabins and the layout design of this quilt! I just pulled fabric and will be using this pattern to make my sister-in-law a quilt for her birthday in October! Can't wait to get started! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions!

  5. bogartandbacall says:

    It is quite beautiful and matches for our cabin. Can't wait to see it on display,will add so much to the home and I know it will keep you warm and remind us of you. love it. p..s tues 15th 8-10pm pinesterst will have shows of our house.

  6. Trish says:


    Great instructions!

  7. Molly says:

    Love the colors on this quilt!

  8. Nick says:

    Wow! Looks great!

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