Step 1

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Cut out your shapes. I used scissors to create some squares, rectangles, and acute triangles, then used my hexagon and equilateral shape punchers to create the rest.

Step 2

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Lay out your shapes and make sure there is a variety of shapes and color.

Step 3

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Cut a piece of ribbon to the size that you want your banner. Anywhere between 8-10 feet is great.

Step 4

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Take the ends of your ribbon, and tie them into loops so you can hang your garland when it’s complete.

Step 5

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Place your first geo piece on top of your ribbon near the end loop, and under the presser foot of your sewing machine.

Step 6

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Sewing on paper may look intimidating, but it shouldn’t! I used the middle setting for my stitch width and kept everything else the same as I would when I sew on fabric. You even start and finish with the same forward/backward/forward motion to finish off your stitches. And, when you are sewing with a pink sewing machine, the whole thing is just a bit more fun, I won’t lie.

Step 7

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Sew a straight stitch down the center of the piece and ribbon, attaching the two. Add your geometric shapes piece by piece so that they are slightly touching, but not overlapping, and sew them together.

Step 8

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When you have filled your ribbon with geometric shapes, trim any excess thread. Hang your garland up by the loops in your ribbon and party on, Wayne.

Step 9

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*Pro-tip: Make your paper garland waterproof by spraying a layer of acrylic coating to it. This won’t make it survive a flood, but it will certainly protect your party decor from a little moisture.


  • colored card stock paper
  • ribbon in a complementary color


  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • geo-shaped hole-punchers (totally optional)
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