Make a Felt Banner for Nursery or Kid’s Room Decor

Colorful DIY banner for a modern nursery design.
I began planning the decor for our to-be baby nursery knowing that I wanted a very bright space with white as the base wall color, and lots of colorful accents. The nursery only has one corner window, which means that it stays a little bit dark all day long, and bright walls would go a long way. The end result will be modern and sophisticated with a heavy emphasis on youthfulness. (If you’re looking for more inspiration, these sophisticated nurseries and nursery color schemes and decal ideas may be a good point of reference for you).

The felt banner that I’m creating here seemed like it would be the perfect fit for this plan — something that would provide a different texture than the colorful prints and pillows that I intend to add, something bright and customizable that would work for either a boy or a girl.

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Step 1

 Open GalleryPick out colorful felt for your nursery's banner decor.Choose your felt. If you’ve ever browsed your local craft store’s fabric aisle, you’ll know already that felt colors runneth abundant, a full rainbow to choose from. I honed in on plain white for the base (1/2 yard), and an assortment of gold, old gold, tangerine, antique white, and yellow for the accent colors (just 1/8 yard each). Buying minimum quantities of the fabric keeps project costs and scrap materials to a minimum.

Pick up a dowel and a length of string while you’re out and about.

Step 2

 Open GalleryCut the craft felt to size for your kid's decor banner.Cut your felt to size. A banner can be any size (this is a very easy project to build to your own scale), but my white background was 17″ x 26″ (reduced to 16.5″ x 24″ with the finished piece) and each stripe 16″ x 4″.

Step 3

 Open GalleryPin and sew your felt strips to the background.Use straight pins to secure your design, and the sewing machine to attach your accent stripes in place. Be sure to leave extra felt overhang at the top (2-3″) to wrap around the dowel for hanging, and an extra inch along each side because if you’re sewing, the felt may stretch a little bit. In my case, I had to go back and trim along the edge so it was nice to have excess on the sides. No sewing machine? Try hot glue, fabric glue, or no-sew bonding adhesive. If I were to do this again, I would go another route myself.

Step 4

 Open GalleryUse a dowel in your hanging felt decor.Cut the dowel to length (mine hangs out 1/2″ on either side), and sew a narrow sleeve (or glue!) to hold it tight. Your string for hanging the banner can be tied to each end.

Step 5

 Open GalleryA pretty colorful banner made of felt. An easy DIY for a modern home.You may want to run a warm (not hot) iron over the surface to smooth out wrinkles in the finished piece. Enjoy!


  • Felt, assorted colors
  • Dowel
  • String


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
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  1. Looks awesome. I will try to make my own. Thanks for sharing.

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