Living Art: Air Plant Frame

diy air plant frame

I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but if there’s such a thing as a botanical hypochondriac, then that’s me.  I love having plants in my home: how they soften a corner, brighten a bedside table, and condition the air I breathe. But the minute one little leaf falls, or shows a tiny dry spot or black blemish, I freak out. I start scouring the internet for root causes (see what I did there?) and am certain I have over-watered/under-watered/overfed/under-loved it to death.

Over time, to minimize my hysteria, I have gravitated to plant life that’s easy to live with (read: kill proof) and has a maintenance schedule that doesn’t require too much of me. Air plants are my favorite of the bunch, as they don’t even need to be planted at all— just toss some in a bowl, or as I’ve done in this episode of Smart, Simple, Solved, create a DIY frame and make a living piece of art.  Just remember to take them down once and give them a 30 minute soak once a week to keep them happy.  Then let them dry and pop them back in their frame.


Step 1

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Start by rounding up all your materials.

Step 2

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Mandatory: Make a funny mustache face with your favorite airplant.

Step 3

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Flip your frame over and put several staples into the back of each side of the frame. Once that’s complete, tie your twine to one of the staples.

Step 4

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Now start threading the twine through staples from side to side. The twine should zig-zag back and forth in a random pattern.

Step 5

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Keep going…

Step 6

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Once you feel like you have enough places for airplants to rest, cut your twine with scissors and knot it off.




Step 7

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Now flip your frame over and start nesting air plants in all the nooks and crannies.


Step 8

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Looking good!

Step 9

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All done! Hang this on the wall, and enjoy your living art!


  • Picture frame
  • Twine
  • Airplants


  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors
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