Hunger Games Nails: Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket Hunger Games Nails

As Effie Trinket would say, tomorrow is going to be a “big, big, big day!” The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters nationwide. Anyone going to a 12:05 a.m. screening? That’s dedication. If you still need a last-minute costume idea, check out my Catching Fire nails. I promised my sister I’d wait and see it with her when I’m home for Thanksgiving but if I could go tonight, I’d totally go all out with these Effie Trinket nails from the first reaping.

Effie’s fashion is my favorite part of the movies. And I’m not the only fan. Folks are already recreating Effie’s clothes and accessories from the Catching Fire press photos. Butterfly fascinator? Already done.

My favorite outfit will always be the magenta skirt suit from The Hunger Games because it’s the first time we meet Effie. It’s piercing cinematography: That giant magenta flower against the dirty, sepia-toned Seam audience. And those nails! I had to find out how to do the half-and-half gold and magenta nails.

There are some how-tos out there that use a makeup sponge and dab on the gold but I’m not a fan of that look. It’s messy and makes blurry lines. My version uses a glitter gradient to create the gold half. It’s a little more sparkly than the nails in the movie, but I think Effie would say, “I just love that!”


Step 1

 Open GalleryMagenta Base Coat for Effie Trinket NailsApply two thin base coats of magenta or fuschia polish. Allow each coat to dry.

Step 2

 Open GalleryFirst Glitter Coat for Effie Trinket NailsStart half-way down the nail with your gold glitter polish (I used one from Forever 21) and brush a very thin coat up toward the end of the nail. Make sure you buy clear nail polish with glitter in it and not metallic polish with glitter as you want the base coat to be visible through the glitter.

Step 3

 Open GallerySecond Glitter Coat for Effie Trinket NailsAgain with the gold glitter polish, brush the top quarter of your nails with one or two coats until you can’t see any of the pink polish. Allow each coat to dry. You should see a subtle glitter gradient from the middle of the nail to the tip.

Step 4

 Open GalleryClear Top Coat for Effie Trinket NailsApply a clear top coat to prevent your nails from chipping.

Step 5

 Open GalleryEffie Trinket Nails from the Hunger GamesGive your nails a couple of hours to dry completely. The top may feel dry but it takes a while for all the layers of polish to set. You can speed up the process with a hair dryer but use the lowest setting so you don’t mess up your glitter!


  • Magenta nail polish
  • Gold glitter nail polish
  • Clear top coat polish
  • Hair dryer (optional)

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