I Shriek for Greek! Make Your Own Greek Yogurt at Home

I’ve been all over Greek yogurt for years now. The flavor! The consistency! The protein! I probably like it even more because it’s something that I learned to make myself in my own kitchen early on in the craze. Homemade Greek yogurt is easy, it doesn’t take very many ingredients, and you can make it in mass and freeze portions for later consumption. Delish!

DIY Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit and nuts!

All in all, making your own Greek yogurt is affordable, too, but it does take a while to make. I usually start making it early in the morning or late at night so that it can sit to culture all day long (or while I sleep). Depending on the thickness of your finished product, this recipe can yield 6-12 servings for about $4.50 (that’s .37-.75-cents per serving!).

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Step 1

 Open GalleryHeat a half-gallon of milk to 180-degrees.Heat 8 cups (1/2 gallon) of milk in a large pot on the stove until it reaches 180 degrees, stirring constantly. Milk will burn fast, so stir regularly and keep a watchful eye on the thermometer.

Step 2

 Open GalleryAllow the milk to cool to 105-100 degrees.Once it reaches 180 degrees, transfer the milk to an oven-safe dish and allow it to cool to between 105-110-degrees. Turn on the oven light to allow the bulb to start heating the oven.

Step 3

In a side dish, combine 2.5 tablespoons of yogurt with 2 tablespoons of milk, and mix it together. Once the milk you heated has cooled to between 105-110 degrees, add the milk-yogurt mixture to the heated milk. The cultures in the existing yogurt will begin to convert the whole 8 cups of milk into yogurt!

Step 4

 Open GalleryCover the oven-safe dish and allow it to sit in the oven with its light on, wrapped snug, for 8 hours.Cover the oven-safe dish filled with all ingredients, and wrap the entire container in dish towels. Place this in the oven with the oven light on for 7-9 hours. The heat from the bulb is enough to help the cultures convert the plain milk into yogurt.

Step 5

 Open GalleryAfter developing in the oven for 7-9 hours, observe your thickened yogurt.After 7-9 hours (in my experience, longer is better), remove the product from the oven and take a peek. Liquid (whey) will have risen to the top of the dish, just like yogurt in a container that sits in your refrigerator for awhile. You can scoop some of this out with a ladle without stirring it back in. Removing the whey is what will help create the thick consistency of the finished product.

Step 6

 Open GalleryAllow the whey and yogurt to separate with the help of cheesecloth.You’ll rely on cheesecloth to help separate and thicken the yogurt further. My method has been to line a fine strainer with four damp layers of cheesecloth and allow the remaining moisture in the yogurt to separate itself, with the help of gravity, into a separate bowl. Food-sterile cheesecloth is available at most grocery stores, and you can also find it in the food section of many craft stores (use those coupons for added savings).

This step can take upwards of an hour, so exercise patience. Help speed up the process by mixing the yogurt and pressing it against the cheesecloth with a spatula. The liquid is inclined to rise to the surface.

Step 7

 Open GalleryEnjoy your DIY yogurt!Greek yogurt is thicker, while traditional yogurt still has a little more whey in it. Once the whey has drained and the consistency is to your liking, chill your yogurt and prepare to indulge. I separate my servings into individual containers for easy access. Yogurt is not the prettiest thing to photograph, but I promise that it’s delicious.

Step 8

 Open GalleryDIY Greek Yogurt with fresh fruits!During these summer months, I leap at the opportunity to add seasonal fruit to my morning breakfast: cherries, berries, nectarines, and bananas are great additions to Greek yogurt, as are granola and honey. Enjoy!


  • 8 cups of milk (organic or regular, 1%, 2% or whole)
  • 2.5 tablespoons plain yogurt (Greek or regular)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Dishtowel


  • Candy/Meat thermometer
  • Large stock pot
  • Oven-safe dish with lid
  • Oven with light
  • Strainer/Colander
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  1. yogafiable says:

    Do you know how many calories are in the diy yogurt assuming you use 1% milk to start and end up with 50% by volumte?

  2. Coburn says:

    How is the texture once it thaws after freezing? Is it altered in any way?

  3. Melissa says:

    How long will it keep in the refrigerator?

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