How to Make a Baby Mermaid Costume

baby mermaid costumeThis baby costume idea comes to us from The Girls With Glasses, stars of their own online show and’s “The Girls With Glasses: Kid-Proof Style” and recently-named Creative Geniuses here on Made + Remade.  While on the set for “Babes in Toyland,” the Girls devised this quick and clever outfit for Brooke’s young daughter, London. It’s beyond adorable, so we asked the Girls to share the how-to here. (This is an ideal homemade Halloween costume for a pre-toddling-phase baby who doesn’t mind having her legs bound up in a tail.) You can find more clever ideas from Summer and Brooke on their blog.

Photos and instructions courtesy of The Girls With Glasses.

baby mermaid costume

The Girls With Glasses swim with baby mermaid, London, on the set of their show, “The Girls With Glasses: Kid-Proof Style.”


Step 1

 Open Gallerycutting mermaid tail from leggingsThe first thing we tackled was making a long mermaid tail. We used the tights we got from Target and cut out the leg. We bought extra large tights since both London’s legs would be fitting into one leg of the tights. We then tried the leg on London and it fit her perfectly around the waist. It was very long, as you can see, so we measured the length to the end of her toes, and marked it.

Step 2

 Open Gallerymermaid tail on baby mermaid costumeOnce we measured the length for London, we also made a tail template for the fabric. We made our template with a paper bag. You can change your tail shape if you would like — we made ours more round, and less pointy.

Step 3

 Open Galleryspraying glitter on mermaid tailWe then glitter sprayed the fabric to give it more playful and mermaid. (Make sure to do this step outside since the glitter gets all over the place, and has a slight odor.)

Step 4

We then used our paper template and cut out 2 templates of each fabric: one for the back, and one for the front of the tail. The reason we use 2 fabrics was because the solid green metallic fabric was too green, and putting the sheer glittery fabric over gave it a mermaid feel and made it more aqua in color.

Step 5

 Open Gallerysewing mermaid tail for baby costumeOnce you have 4 fabric templates cut out (2 solid and two sheer) you are ready to start sewing. Match up the solid fabric and put the sheer over and place it face down. Then match the other solid fabric with the sheer over and place it on top of the backing fabric. Make sure it lines up. Start sewing along the border from 1 inch lower from the top all around. It does not have to look perfect, and once you’re about done sewing all round, and have about two inches left to go, stop so you can start stuffing the tail with pillow stuffing. Once that’s all done, place the end of the tights inside the tail. Then you can finish sewing the tail all around — that way the leg of the tights is now attached to the tail.

Step 6

 Open Galleryeasy baby mermaid costumeAs for the top of tights, (remember it was uneven from the cutting?) all we did was fold over the fabric a few times until it looked even at the waist. For the top, London wore a bright floral tank.


  • green/aqua fabric
  • glitter spray from a craft store
  • green/jade tights from Target (in the junior section)
  • pillow stuffing from a craft store


  • scissors
  • sewing machine (or you could sew by hand)
  • aqua thread
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