Holiday Bling: Dress Up White Garland With Copper Tipping

‘Tis the season for clever crafting! I’m here to show you not one, but TWO ways to sweeten up this holiday season. First up, give your celebrations a whole new look — and create an entryway that’s unique to your home — by tipping the ends of your white garland with shimmering copper color.

Laurie March Copper Tipped Garland

Photography by Daniel Collopy

White garland is a fresh take on a holiday staple, and spray-painting a warm dusting of copper on a portion of the branches is a really easy way to set your garland apart from the rest. Check out the video and how-to steps below to learn how to add warmth and glamour like this in a flash.

As you can see, the video also shows you how to make the adorable cupcake ornaments seen in this year’s Celebrity Holiday Home special. These delicious-looking decorations are sure to add some bling to your spread this year. (See the Step-By-Step to make the sparkly Cupcakes here.)

May your days be merry, bright and ridiculously sparkly! (dorky tee-shirt not included)


Step 1

 Open GalleryLaurie March Copper Tipped Garland How To

Fluff It Up  This project is best done outdoors. Lay down a drop cloth and spread out the garland. The branches of artificial garland always look better when pulled apart and fluffed. Lightly bend the branches of the garland out from the center in all directions. Flip your garland over to make sure all sides look good – to mimic natural branches on a tree.

Step 2

 Open GalleryLaurie March Garland How-To

Spray It  Spray the tips of two out of three branches with copper spray paint, holding the spray paint can six to eight inches from the branches. Leaving some of the branches white will keep the garland looking light and fluffy. For a nice, glowing look once you light your garland, concentrate your spray paint more on the tips of the garland – leaving the center white. Be sure to spray all sides of each branch, since it’ll be visible from multiple angles. Start with a light spray until you like how it looks. Then, repeat!

Step 3

 Open GalleryLaurie March Glowing Garland Project

Let It Dry  Let the garland dry completely before bringing it into the house. Often you can use the actual branches of your garland themselves to affix it to your bannister, but pipe cleaners in a coordinating color with your garland work great too. Hanging a garland on a mantel or swagging (draping your garland instead of running it along the bannister) it along a staircase sends the message that the holidays are here!

Decorate garland with lights, bows, pine cones and other natural elements or glittery sparkles.


  • White garland (as much as you plan to use)
  • Copper spray paint
  • Drop cloth
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