Easy Ombre Glitter Nails

Ombre Glitter Nails

You know why I love the holidays? It’s open glitter season. It’s the one time a year grownups can rock bejeweled headbands, rose gold sequin dresses and glitter nails without anyone saying, “You know, you might be too old for that.” All bets are off. As Hannah says, “Sparkles for everyone!”

And here’s a sparkly look I’m currently obsessed with: ombre glitter nails. I rocked them at our Home for the Holidays photo shoot with HGTV’s Design Happens. (Catch up on all the posts here.) Technically, it’s just a gradient. And it’s the easiest nail art you’ll ever do.

Click through the photos below to rock your own ombre glitter nails!

I love pairing the gold glitter with a sheer nude base coat. It creates a subtle sparkle that you can dress up for parties without overshadowing your jewelry and accessories. But if you want to amp it up, you can create a more saturated gradient with additional layers like my Effie Trinket nails for The Hunger Games. Just use red or green for the base coat.

Oh and that stick I’m holding in the photo? That’s cotton candy Marianne Canada made for our party. Chai cotton candy. With edible gold stars. Is there anything she can’t do? Recipe coming soon on HGTV’s Crafternoon!


Step 1

 Open GalleryEssie Base CoatStart with a base coat. I used Essie’s “Limo-Scene.” Apply two thin coats. Allow each coat to dry.

Step 2

 Open GalleryFirst Glitter Coat With your glitter nail polish, start about 75% of the way down the nail and brush up to the end of the nail. Apply one thin coat. Less is more. You want this coat to look scattered and sheer. Allow the coat to dry.

Step 3

 Open GallerySecond Glitter Coat Again with the glitter polish, start about one-third of the way down the nail and brush up, coating the tips with a slightly thicker coat. You want the tips to look saturated and fade down the nail. Allow the coat to dry.

Step 4

 Open GalleryClear Top CoatApply a clear top coat to prevent chipping. Allow the coat to dry.

Step 5

 Open GalleryGlitter Ombre Gold NailsImpress your friends with the easiest nail art ever. There are so many variations you can do with this technique.


  • Nude nail polish
  • Gold glitter nail polish
  • Clear top coat polish
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