DIY No Sew Pockets For Toddlers

DIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersGuess who likes carrying around secret treasure more than a pirate? My kiddo. She’s a huge fan of “collecting” things, and squirreling them away for later. Acorns, pebbles, twigs, coins, you name it, she’s usually got some in her pockets. (Thankfully, we’re past the stage where any of those items go in her mouth, whew.)

Recently, she noticed that a dress I was wearing had pockets on the front. She immediately asked for her own “special shirt pockets”. I’m no sewing whiz, but I thought I could hack some pockets onto one of her plain t-shirts using iron-on hem tape. The result? A pretty adorable t-shirt that pleases her to no end with a capacity for small treasures.


Step 1

I started with a plain jane t-shirt from Old Navy. Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for Toddlers

Step 2

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersI made a couple of quick paper templates in the size and shape of the desired pockets.

Step 3

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersI cut out two pieces of fabric that were about an inch larger than my template on all sides.

Step 4

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersNext, I cranked up my trusty iron (no steam!) and, after folding over an inch of fabric, ironed to form a crease.

Step 5

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersThen I took my Heat’n Bond tape and ironed it at the crease I’d just made, paper backing side up.

Step 6

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersIron over the tape, moving around, but pressing down firmly, for 15-20 seconds. Once it’s cooled, peel off the paper backing, fold at the crease and iron again to fuse the two sides together. Now you have a clean edge that won’t fray. Repeat on all sides, following the paper template.

Step 7

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersOnce five sides of my pocket were “hemmed”, it was time to get ready to attach it to the t-shirt. I cut a piece of the Heat’n Bond tape for each side except for the top, and ironed each piece on.

Step 8

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersI let everything cool down and then peeled off the paper backing on each side.

Step 9

 Open GalleryDIY No Sew Pockets for ToddlersAnd then I placed the pockets in the right spots and ironed them on, again pressing firmly and moving around for 15-20 seconds. Once the shirt had cooled, the pockets were attached! The Heat’n Bond tape is machine washable and dryable, so as long as this shirt fits my kiddo, she’ll be all set for pockets.


  • Clean cotton t-shirt
  • iron on hem tape
  • cardstock or paper for pocket templates


  • iron on the no steam setting
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