Cute and Creative Burlap Star Ornaments

Burlap, both natural and dyed, looks fabulous with bright colored lights. These simple star ornaments are easy to make and fun to embellish with bright stitching, beads and twine. (photos by Bob Farley)

What do you do with leftover burlap scraps from coffee bag Christmas stockings and other projects? Make burlap star ornaments, of course!

Burlap is a recurring theme around my house. I love the natural and earthy look, and since I have stacks of coffee bags that friends have brought to me, this project fits right in with the reuse, recycle and repurpose ethic I have for the Christmas holidays. Twine, beads, and bright zigzag stitching add splashes of color and style to the scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. I use bright red and green burlap sandwiched between the outer layers for added color and stiffness. Twine serves as the hanger loop and the adornment is dangling beads.

For a cabin-chic look, use these rustic burlap ornaments on the tree in combination with red ball ornaments, recycled paper tree ornaments and strands of multi-colored lights. Round out the trend with burlap bows and a burlap tree skirt, and wrap the gifts in brown paper and twine. If there are no plans or room for a real tree this year, make tomato trellis trees and hang the star ornaments on them. Hang the stars in the kitchen window with orange garland, with a burlap bow on a wreath on the front door, or hang from garland on the fireplace mantel along with burlap stockings.

Make a few or make a bunch. They make good gifts as well as decorations. Slip one over a bottle of wine and take to your next party for the host, or tie one to a brown bag to dress up a present. Use your imagination. If burlap is not your thing, try other fabric combinations. The sky is the limit.

You’ll need natural burlap or coffee bag scraps, colored burlap, contrasting thread, twine, beads, and a star pattern.


Step 1

 Open GalleryCut out a star pattern and burlap layers. Find a template or draw your own (a 4-inch star is ideal), and cut the pattern out of muslin or canvas for easy storage and ease of use. A fabric pattern can be pinned to the burlap for easy cutting and it lifts with the burlap while cutting so there is no shifting. Fold the burlap in two so that you may cut two layers at once. Cut two layers of natural color burlap and two layers of colored burlap per each ornament. Stack them in order as you cut them out to keep the project organized. Note: If you are sensitive to burlap fibers like I am, wear a mask. I usually tie a bandana around my mouth and nose and then knot the point under my chin.

Step 2

 Open GalleryCut twine and assemble ornaments. Per each ornament, cut the twine pieces in 20-inch increments. Lining up the layers as you go, start with one natural burlap layer, place it on the table, add the two colored layers on top of the natural, and top off with another natural burlap layer. Make sure all of the points are lined up and make adjustments if needed. Fold a 20-inch piece of twine and insert between the colored layers with the fold (the loop) at the top point of the star. Lay the top two layers back down, line up the top point and pin in place. Go around the star and pin, lining up the points and pinning into place as you go. Pull the twine down straight and line up with the bottom of the star and pin in place.

Step 3

 Open Gallery

Sew the ornament together. Starting at the top, sew around the perimeter of the star with a zigzag stitch twice around and overlapping the stitch as you go to give a defined line and to keep the edges from fraying. When you get back to the top after the second run, stitch through the star in whatever pattern you would like to add whimsy to the design as well as to give it a quilted effect — spiraling circles in straight stitches, zigzag stitches, concentric star shapes, or sew rays from the points to the center, doubling the stitch back to the center for each ray. You may do whatever suits you. Be creative and have fun with it.

Step 4

 Open GalleryApply beads. Use fun combinations of beads to accompany the star ornaments. I used a combination of wooden and metallic painted plastic beads here. Make sure the beads have holes large enough to thread the twine through but small enough to stop at the end knot of twine. Thread the beads and then tie off the twine in a double or triple knot. Cut off excess to a desired length.


  • coffee bags or natural burlap
  • colored burlap
  • bright thread
  • beads
  • twine
  • muslin or canvas


  • scissors
  • sewing machine
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    They are quick and easy to make.You can design them so each are different.

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