Got Vinyl Siding? Learn How to Maintain It

Learn how to clean vinyl siding. An easy DIY tutorial!
Cleaning the vinyl siding on a home is among the most satisfying of all of the cleaning projects, with a brilliant before and after for your family’s pleasure (the neighborhood probably notices too).

Vinyl siding is great for many reasons, but it still has a tendency to become dirty and look dull over time. The act of regular vinyl maintenance is, for me, right up there with busting out a Magic Eraser or ripping out old carpets: It’s just that satisfying a process, and I love knowing that one day spent cleaning is enough to keep the siding looking great for one, sometimes two years. Cleaning vinyl siding can initially seem very tedious, time consuming and tiring, but with the right tools (and the right jams, and the right weather for comfort), it’s achievable by anyone with almost any skill level on the home improvement scale of do-it-yourself projects. For more info, you can also refer to this helpful vinyl siding cleaning tutorial by DIY Network.


Step 1

 Open GalleryNeed to clean your vinyl siding? Consider using a pressure washer to help start the job.Close all of your windows and doors from the inside, and gather your cleaning tools and materials. Cover any plants that may be damaged by water spray or soap deposits, and make sure all of your exterior lights are turned off.

If you have a pressure washer that will assist in soap application, fill it per the product guidelines and pick a soft spray nozzle. I preferred a 40-degree nozzle for soap application on a vinyl siding surface, but 25-degree would be good if you have a lot of debris on your home. Note: Without a pressure washer, homeowners can prepare your garden hose with a nozzle to wet the vinyl siding. You can also rent a pressure washer for the day from your local hardware store, usually for $50-$100.

Step 2

 Open GallerySpray your house down with the pressure washer and soap, or a hose to loosen debris.Begin cleaning by spraying the house to wet it. Whether you’re using a hose or a pressure washer, spray the water and/or soap onto the siding at a downward angle to prevent the spray from blasting it straight on and upward, which would get water beneath the gaps in the siding. Work in small areas 50-200 sq. ft. in size. If you come across areas that won’t clean with the sprayer or by scrubbing, it could be mold or mildew; in that case, proceed by scrubbing at the mold or mildew by hand (wearing gloves) with a rag and some bleach.

Step 3

 Open GalleryCleaning vinyl siding using a gentle brush and soap.With the siding wet and soapy, take a bristled brush (a soft brush for washing cars with an extendable handle worked best for me) and scrub the siding gently to remove the dirt. If you only wet the siding with the hose, prepare a bucket of water and multi-purpose diluted soap (some say that even detergent will do) to rub on by hand. Spraying the vinyl will only do so much to loosen and remove the dirt, so while hand-scrubbing is the most tedious part, it is essential to the cleaning process.

Step 4

 Open GallerySpray the soap and remaining debris away with a hose with fresh water.As you scrub the vinyl in small sections, continue to spray it off with a hose. If you’re using a pressure washer, consider disconnecting the hose as you progress and simply spray down the siding with water to rinse away the soap and remaining dirt.

Step 5

Optional: As you rinse the soap off, you might find it helpful and effective to wipe down the wet siding with a towel to soak up any dripping water and wipe clean any remaining dirt.



  • Soap
    Soft Bristle Brush
    Ladder (optional)


Pressure Washer (Optional)
Hose with Sprayer

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  7. Andy K says:

    There is a new product on the market for cleaning vinyl siding called the Siding-Swab. Go to to see it in action. They sell cleaning pads that you select to fit your profile of siding and they attach to a pad holder that screws into a extension or standard paint pole. Works great. They also sell the Gutter-Swab – same concept and works great as well. Good Luck,

    Andy K

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