Tiffany Threadgould

"I think that garbage has feelings, too!"

I am a design junkie who gives scrap materials a second life and the head of design at TerraCycle, a company that collects and creates products from waste. My recent book, ReMake It! (Sterling Publishing), is filled with nearly 100 do-it-yourself projects for turning trash into new. You can find out more about my book, recycling kits, DIY videos and loads of recycling goodness on my website and blog.

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  • Bike Tire Mirror

    Bike Tire Mirror

  • 5 Pack of Leather Co

    5 Pack of Leather Cord Tacos

  • Have a seat...or put

    Have a seat...or put a piece of glass on top and

  • Place Card Holders

    Place Card Holders Vintage Silver Forks Set of

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