Listen Up, Young Designers: Enter HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design Awards

Hey there, young designers*: Are you tired of your work getting overshadowed by the old guard? Here’s your chance to get seen, and seen BIG. Our sister site just extended the deadline for its Fresh Faces of Design Awards to September 30.

HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Awards

* The awards are open to professionals age 35 or less.

What does that mean? That means you professional interior designers, architects, builders and remodelers have a little over a month more to get your portfolios in tip-top shape to enter in 10 categories ranging from “Most Dramatic Transformation” to “Best Space for a Party.” Um, did someone say party? We like to party.

Who’ll be the judge? A panel of editors, on-air hosts and fellow industry pros will select six nominees for each category. HGTV viewers will then select the category winners by voting for their favorite projects, and the panel will pick the overall winner from among the category winners. Say, got a great bath project to share?

What do you get? Category winners in the Fresh Faces of Design Awards will be featured across the HGTV family of websites, mobile apps and in HGTV Magazine. The overall winner will also receive a guest editor spot on and a visit to the HGTV offices to meet with HGTV editorial staff. (And since we sit right next to them, you can meet us too!) Better break out those pictures of your best kitchen reno …

Now go enter! You can find more information on the entry process, categories, prizes and guidelines at Made + Remade wishes you the best of luck!

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