Go Extreme: The Toughest Dog Toys We Could Find

Big or small, if your dog challenges every rope and tennis ball you throw his way, it’s time to invest in something that’ll hold up to the roughest and toughest play. I’ve surveyed around, and the products below are decidedly the top products for dogs (and this translates to the happiest dog owners).

Find ideas for Extreme dog toys for heavy aggressive chewers and active dogs.

The Tug-A-Jug shown in the photo above is one of my personal favorites for dispensing treats and kibble – it’s a toy that we use daily for our dog. I replace it about once a year, but that says a lot considering my Bernese Mountain Dog eats his 3 meals a day out of this extreme toy, which equates to playing with it over 1,000 times. It’s available in a range of sizes for pets both big and small, and you can order it online or find it in stores.

GoughNuts dog toys were designed to satisfy, and are enhanced with Carbon Technology – they’ll float, roll, and are nearly indestructible. Try out the original GoughNut, but note that you’ll also be able to buy the same, strong material as a ball, and as a stick. I like to think of this product as an investment toy because it’s guaranteed for life. It’s made of two colored layers of rubber, and if your dog manages to break through the outer layer to expose the inner red-colored layer, the company will replace the toy for you.

Tuffie Toys Mega Toys aren’t heavy-duty chew toys, but they’re tough in their own right. Constructed to outlast the common stuffed or nylon toy, the most impressive fact about these toys is that they feature 7 layers of fabric and 7 layers of stitching with industrial-grade luggage material, protective webbing, and secure squeaker pockets. Go for the fun “creatures” made for medium-to-large dogs, or the radical Bowmerang.

My family always substituted in a lacrosse stick, but a tennis ball launcher like one from ChuckIt! is a must-have for a dog that loves to play fetch. Fair warning, once you own one, you’ll never be able to go without because the dog be utterly confused when your wimpy arm throws 25 feet instead of 100.

Can’t go without mentioning the gold standard extreme dog toy, the KONG, a great toy for tough chewers of all sizes. The KONG classic beehive-shaped toy is great for throwing and chasing (it never bounces in a predictable path), and since it’s hollow, it’s perfect for stuffing with dog bones or peanut butter, or a mix of both if you want to make your dog go crazeballs with joy. The product line extends way beyond the classic products, so check out more extreme products at the KONG website.

The Būmi Tug Toy was one that I highlighted in this post on dog water toys. It has received consistently great reviews from owners of extreme chewers, so it’s one you’ll definitely want to check out. If you already own the Būmi, you’ll also want to check out the Toppl Treat Toy as a playtime alternative to the classic Kong, and the Zisc Flying Disc, the toughest Frisbee you’ve ever seen.

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  1. The Tug-A Jug shown a photo. It is really good notice its toy we can use daily for our dog. Actually I want to say thanks. Because I get more knowledge about it. Thank you so much.

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    Just now i visit your blog and read your whole blog information carefully. After read your blog content now i know about dog toys review !! You share lot of information about it. Thank you so much for your great information.

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  4. Look like you have no post regarding the action figures? Do you? If you have then please share the link with me. I have some ideas to share.

  5. Rosalee Cummings says:

    You should have tested Bionic Pet Products. Most durable on the market. Our dogs love them and we like the designs too! Check out their website for their tough testing videos.


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