Back to School: DIY Etched Pencils

Back to School: DIY Etched PencilsOK, so obviously, I’m not in elementary school. Nor do I have a child who will be attending school this year – we’re still two years out from that momentous day. BUT…I still, and will likely always, love school supplies. I was THAT kid who was giddy about going back to school each year, and loved going to buy school supplies. (Who still cherishes the memory of their first Trapper Keeper?) But then I came to the end of college and there was no need to buy school supplies at the end of August each year. Back to School: DIY Etched Pencils

A couple weeks ago, I realized I actually do need some “school supplies” for my studio. Pencils, pens, a ruler, printer paper. While at the office supply store, I spotted some plain wooden pencils, and immediately started thinking of all of the geometric designs I could add with my wood burning tool.Back to School: DIY Etched Pencils

I’ve been on a bit of a wood-burning jag, lately… It was too good to pass up. School supplies PLUS a DIY project? Sold. Back to School: DIY Etched Pencils

It was so simple and fast to create a few one-of-a-kind, modern pencils for my desktop. I won’t lie, I’m so happy with how they turned out, I kind of don’t want to actually use them. They’re too cool for school. (Couldn’t stop myself.) Make them for your kiddos or make them for yourself, these lovelies will definitely stand out in a sea of yellow #2 pencils. Back to School: DIY Etched Pencils

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  1. Trish says:

    GREAT idea! My daughter told me she saw a fellow artist who had tattooed measurements on the inside of her hand so she always had a measuring tool. This could be done to the pencils. I noticed how you had a grid to keep the wood burning even. What a great gift to give a graphic designer!


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