Three Fast & Easy DIY Keychain Ideas

Three Fast & Easy DIY Keychain IdeasThere’s no good time for a heavily used item to fall apart, but of course, a busy morning where I’m frantically trying to get myself and the kid out the door on time is the EXACT time my well-worn keychain would decide to disintegrate, right? I scooped up my handful of keys, shoved them in my pocket and figured I’d buy something that morning. Except I couldn’t find anything that I liked. Well, I found one leather keychain, but it was WAY out of my price range. As in, it cost more than a full tank of gas. That’s not something I can squeeze out of our budget, so I figured there must be a way to DIY a keychain.

My requirements: it had to be lightweight, highly functional, and pretty. And it needed to be fast and easy – I had to be able to make it in less than fifteen minutes. I purchased a few split key rings from my local hardware store and then dug around my supply closet to see what I had kicking around that would work as a keychain. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Patterned Wood Tab
I love how easy it is to make a pattern with a wood burning tool. In about two minutes, I had this quasi-cross hatch pattern. Done. Wondering how you can create your own designs on wood? Check out this wood burning tutorial from a few months back. Three DIY Keychain Ideas

2. Monkey’s Fist Knot
Here’s ANOTHER way these guys come in handy. A Monkey’s Fist makes a gorgeous keychain fob, just be sure to tuck the loose end back under your loops before tightening all the way, so that you have a loop to attach to your split key ring. Need to know how to tie a Monkey’s Fist? Watch this video! (PS – I used a marble as the ball in the middle.) Three Fast & Easy DIY Keychain Ideas

3. Embroidery Thread Tassel
This one is just festive and pretty. Of COURSE I would put a lavender tassel on my keychain. I had a few leftover from fancying up my strand lights, so I snagged one to use as a keychain accessory. I think it would be pretty easy to identify which keys belonged to me with these tassels attached. Need to know how to make tassels? Check out this tutorialThree Fast & Easy DIY Keychain Ideas

In a pinch, I had three great options to key my keys together and easily identifiable. Now if only it was as easy to make getting out of the house in the morning even a little bit more simple and organized…

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