How to Tie Bowline and Butterfly Knots

How To Tie Utility Knots

The Alpine Butterfly Knot

For the last video in my “Essential Knots to Know” series, I’ve got two all-purpose utility knots. The Bowline and the Alpine Butterfly are sure to prove their usefulness over and over again. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Have you been wondering why I’m so (seemingly) knowledgeable about knots? Obviously, the knots I’ve shown you how to tie are useful and beautiful and I would want to know them no matter what, but what it really boils down to is this: about three lifetimes ago, I actually spent my first two and a half years of college at a maritime academy! I transferred out and switched majors in the middle of my junior year, but yes, I spent two and a half years as a cadet at the Texas A&M Maritime Academy. My knot tying obsession makes a little more sense now, eh? Turns out at least SOME of the stuff I learned in marlinspike seamanship class actually stuck with me …

How To Tie Utility Knots

The Bowline Knot

The bowline is one of the first knots sailors are taught. (I actually learned it sailing in high school.) Most sailors know how to tie a one-handed bowline faster than I can say the words. The alpine butterfly is used in all kinds of applications, but I used it most in rock climbing. Both knots come in handy over and over — each creates a secure loop that holds fast under load, but can be untied quickly and without struggle when not under load.
And there you have it. All of my best knots, just for you. In case you missed one, check out more of my DIY Knot Tying Videos on Made + Remade’s video page! And while you’re there, take a peek at Hannah’s Cleaning Videos and Emily’s Folding Videos — those two are crazy talented.

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    i used to macrame years ago so i was very excited to find this i hope to see more


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