Water Toys for the Dogs We Love


Looking for the perfect toy to entertain your pet while you vacation at the lake or lounge by the pool? You might think that a dog’s idea of water play is chasing a stick into a lake, but there are many totally awesome products out there, made just for your favorite pooch.

Find cool water toys that your dog will enjoy this summer.

Embrace these awesome dog water toys, and show your dog what playtime is all about during the summer.

  • The NERF Trackshot Flyer, shown above, goes a serious distance for your Frisbee-loving friend. The foamy outer edge allows the entire ring to float once it lands in water.
  • The Hydro Ring promises entertainment and hydration, as the inner foam core soaks up and releases water while Fido chews away. Plus, it can be frozen for extra fun and longevity.
  • Created as a safe alternative to common garden hose sprayers and sprinklers, the WATERBONE attaches right to the hose for doggie sprinkler fun that Fido can carry around himself.
  • This bone-shaped pool is more durable than standard kiddie pools, and because it’s light colored, it’ll help keep the water cooler for longer. Perhaps the best perk is that you can hook up a garden hose to a plug for draining it when the dog is through, making it easier to divert that used water into garden beds or ditches.
  • In addition to chasing sticks, dogs are notorious for chasing floating objects like tennis balls off the end of a dock. Chuck-It has a lot of products to serve the same need, and this floating ball shark fin toy is especially adorable, and available in various sizes.
  • The Būmi Tug Toy is another water fetch product you should consider – it floats, and reviews say it’s a must-have product for aggressive chewers.
  • And from the makers of the classic KONG, the Wet Wubba is a neoprene-coated toy that floats with high visibility for water play.

What are your favorite dog water toys? If there are any we missed, leave us a note in the comments.

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