How to Tie Hitch Knots


How To Tie Hitch KnotsGuess what? In addition to knowing how to tie beautiful decorative knots, I also know how to tie practical and useful ones, too. Crazy, right?This video will show you how to tie two fantastic knots, the Trucker’s Hitch and the Constrictor Knot. These are super useful knots for many applications, and always come in handy when I least expect it. Plus, it’s always pretty funny to watch the reactions of those around me when I bust out a compound knot like it’s my job. Yes, I’m usually covered in glitter and flower petals, but I have a vast mental storage locker of useful knowledge from my previous, non-crafty life.Plus, these two knots are super easy to tie. Win-win for everyone involved.

See what I mean? Both knots are simple to tie with a few practice runs. So, we want to know – how will you use the Trucker’s Hitch and Constrictor Knot, now that you know how to tie them?

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