15 Projects You Can Make From Wine Packaging

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Anyone over 21 has access to some of the best upcycling materials around – wine packaging. If your wine of choice comes from a bottle, then the cork and glass container provide great inspiration. Empty wine boxes present another opportunity for cutting, gluing and pasting into new projects.

At TerraCycle, we were challenged by The Naked Grape to come up with brand new projects made from wine packaging. Wine corks have so much character to them. The ends of the cork show a glimpse to your preference of red versus white. Wine boxes, on the other hand, come in a rainbow of colors allowing you to mix and match and even color coordinate with your home décor. Gather up the packaging from your favorite vintage and let’s get to work.

Wine Corks

Earrings wine cork earrings If you’ve just started your wine cork collection, then earrings are the way to go. One wine cork can go a long way and can be sliced into a few pairs of earrings. It’s a fun solution to keep your wine corks hanging around.

Wine Cork Door Knob Stopper wine cork stopper Add one wine cork to a vintage door knob and you’ve got your very own up-upcycled wine stopper. Since this comes from a pair of upcycled materials, it’s surely a project that you’ll adore.

Wine Cork Namecard Holderwine cork namecardPair up two sets of wine corks for the perfect place to hold guests names. You can uncork your creativity and use upcycled coffee sleeves or other scrap paper for the card.

Monogram Letterswine cork lettersNow that you’re a pro at wine cork collecting and you’ve recruited friends and family, too, you’re ready to move on to wine cork letters. Use cardboard as the base material (great use for that wine box) and glue and assemble corks onto the letters, showing off the red and white ends.

Wine Boxes

For those of you who drink from the boxed wine varietal, here are some projects that get you thinking outside the recycled box.

Coaster wine box coaster Coast in on this easy coaster project. Simply trace an existing coaster or other round object and cut it into shape. You can always add embellishment with markers, glitter, and more.

Wine Charmswine box wine charmThis wine charm project is a simple way to identify your glass throughout the evening. And best of all, it’s made from the packaging itself giving it added charm.

Placecard Holderwine box placecard holderCut and fold a box in a few simple spots and you’ve crafted a spot for your favorite name.

Wine Box Totewine box toteSimply cut your box in half and add a ribbon handle to create a tote for an easy way to transport a gift or other small cargo.

Magnetic Word Playwine box word gameGlue magnets to the back of your box and use the text from to create your own magnetic word set. You can mix and match words and create your own messages and poems. The possibilities are endless and you can reuse these magnets over and over.

Picture Framewine box picture frameFrame your favorite photo inside your favorite flavor. This picture perfect project is simple to create with a few strategic cuts and is a great way to reuse your box.

Wine Box Business Card Holderwine box business card holderGet down to business with this project that was featured on Made + Remade’s site last year. Download the template and trace and cut.

Wine Bottles

Oil and Vinegar Set wine bottle salad dressing set This project was posted on the early days of the Made + Remade site. Etching gives glass bottles a personalized touch and adding the words ‘oil’ and ‘vinegar’ to your bottles really dresses them up.

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Take it a step further and use those empty bottles to create signature lighting. Here’s how.

Wine Crates

Wine Crate Stemware Holder wine crate stemware holderPanels from empty wine crates can be transformed into a space-saving solution for storing your stemware.

Wine Crate Mini Bar wine crate mini barPair two wine crates together, add a few shelves plus a hinge to the back, and you’ve created your own personal mini bar. It’s a creative crate solution for storing your bar essentials.

Now that your creative juices are flowing, what projects can you come up with from wine packaging? If wine boxes inspire you, you can even enter your upcycled project into this contest by August 30th for a chance to win $500! We’d love to hear if you’ve tried out any of these projects or have your own crafty ideas in the comments below.

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    i love the wine crate stemware holder. Looking forward to incorporating that into my own house!


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