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You may have noticed I’ve posted a couple of posts dealing with knots? First the Celtic Triangle, then the Monkey’s Fist, and a few more posts coming in the next few weeks. Both posts so far have featured beautiful knots that I adore using as decorative accents. BUT – to really show the beauty of the knot, you need the right rope. All of the knots I’ll be talking about have a working pedigree, so they’re typically used with rope with the appropriate load rating for safe usage. But used decoratively, you can use whichever rope pleases you. Today, I’m going to divulge where I buy my favorite kinds of rope.


I love cotton rope. I can’t help it. I know synthetics are more typically used nowadays as working line, but for decorative purposes, nothing beats cotton. I buy mine online by the foot from Knot & Rope Supply. Easy, simple, and affordable, and they carry all sorts of different rope, not just cotton.

Find It: Where To Buy Rope3 Strand Cotton


I love smaller hardware stores – they remind me of trips to the hardware store with my dad when I was little, when we lived way up on the coast of Maine. My local Aubuchon has a great selection of rope, including clothesline and paracord you can buy in 10, 20, and 50 foot increments.

Find It: Where To Buy RopeClothesline

Find It: Where To Buy RopeParacord


Home Depot also has a decent selection of rope, at great prices.

Find It: Where To Buy RopeManila

Find It: Where To Buy RopeDiamond Braid Poly Rope


West Marine is where I go when I need the right rope for non-decorative purposes. They have a fantastic selection of rope in all sizes and load ratings, and most of it is sold by the foot, so you can get exactly as much as you need, without paying for extra.

Find It: Where To Buy RopeNew England Ropes

Find It: Where To Buy RopeSamson Rope

There you have it. I’ve shared all of my secret spots where I snag my stash of rope. I might actually be a rope hoarder. I have more rope than any person in a non-marine industry really has any reason to own… But I bet I can find a crafty purpose for all of it. Where do you find the rope used in all of your best and most beautiful knotted projects?

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