How to Tie a Monkey’s Fist Knot

How To Tie A Monkey's Fist KnotI know, I know — a monkey’s fist? It doesn’t sound all that attractive, but this knot is all kinds of gorgeous. This knot has a TON of decorative uses, in addition to a solid working-class pedigree.The monkey’s fist (or monkey’s paw, depending on who you ask) has long been used as a weight on the free end of a heaving line, which is a lightweight rope thrown between a ship and the dock, used to easily draw a heavier line to the right spot. WAY easier to toss a light line that’s tied to a heavy duty line and then pull the heavy line over, right? The monkey’s fist makes it easy to toss the heaving line exactly where you want it to go. How To Tie A Monkey's Fist KnotOther uses for the monkey’s fist now include everything from keychain fobs, decorative curtain tiebacks, door stops, even cufflinks.

With just a little bit of practice, you’ll have your own monkey’s fist in no time. How will you use the monkey’s fist to decorate your home? How To TIe A Monkey's Fist KnotInto knots now? You can find more DIY knot videos on our new Made + Remade video page!

8 Responses

  1. Jo-Anne says:

    How do you make the curtain tieback shown in the picture with the monkey fist knot? Is it all one length of rope for the entire thing?

  2. Anecia Price says:

    Please send me a link to this video!

  3. Anecia Price says:

    Where is the video that teaches you to do this? I've followed all the links, and done a search all to no avail!

  4. hubilicious says:

    Wow – good job on showing and explaining how to do this in such short time. Great video! I'd love to do a door stop with that technique. Any recommendations on what size of ball to use as "filler" and how much rope this might need? Thank you!

  5. Jenna Lute says:

    My dad was a knot enthusiast. This knot was one of his favorites. I remember he had one the size of softball on a short length of rope hanging from his work shop door as a door knocker. I've been wanting to learn it. Thank You!

  6. Michelle Reynolds says:

    I love this knot! I'm going to use it for sure. Good job on the videos. You are a natural!


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