Our 25 Most Awesome DIY Features of 2014, So Far

DIY Network crunched the numbers. We heard you. We see what our fellow DIY-ers love to look at, and we’ve tied them all together with a neat little bow in the 25 Most Awesome Features of 2014 photo gallery. From homemade cornhole sets and deluxe playhouses to perfect patios and wacky container gardens, this gallery is bursting with inspiration and creative projects as we count down the most popular DIY features. We’ll break down the top 5 below, and make sure to have a peek at the gallery to see all 25.

1. Living the Lake Life at Blog Cabin 2014 

Blog Cabin 2014

It’s no surprise that Blog Cabin 2014 steals the show and rings in at the top spot in our countdown. It’s number 1 for good reason — the 1920s lakeside house has transformed into a luxurious home. 3D room tours, detailed photos and all-new exclusive videos from House Counselor Laurie March are available now. Check out Blog Cabin 2014 in all its remodeled glory.

2. Turning Trash Into Treasure

Flea Market Flips

HGTV’s hit TV show Flea Market Flip speaks to our thrifty, DIY upcycle-minded soul, and that’s why it comes in at number 2. See an old bureau transforming into a cottage kitchen island, a rusty speed limit sign converting into a retro shelving unit and a pair of roofing hooks creating an industrial-style chandelier. We love these 45 dramatic turnarounds, and you do too.

3. Making Your Own Headboard

Wooden doors headboard

Headboards reign as the most sought-after decorative feature on DIYNetwork.com, and there is an endless amount of inspiration to show you how to make your own. From tree branches and salvaged material to shutters and decals, there are plenty of headboard ideas to fit any style. If you are looking for budget-friendly headboards, look no further than the gallery below.

What about easy-to-make headboards? That sounds like a great weekend project.

4. Getting Cozy With Fire Pits

Getting cozy with fire pits

Heat up the night with a well-built fire pit. This cozy feature can bring friends and family together outdoors year-round, and that’s why it has become mega-popular. Add s’mores, and you’re in for a perfect night. For fire pit design ideas, see the photo galleries below.

5. Wanting Lots and Lots of Things

I Want That Season 4

The fifth spot in Our Most Awesome DIY Features of 2014 countdown is I Want That Season 4. Get an up-close look at some of our favorite cutting-edge products featuring outdoors, painting tools and hot new electronics.

That wraps up the Top 5 Most Awesome DIY Features of 2014, So Far, but there’s still so much to see! Head on over to DIY Network to get inspired by the Top 25 photo gallery in full.

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  1. amberPA says:

    I agree 100% with all the 2014 DIY features that we love thus far. Love that Blog cabin made the list! I'll be back to see what else gets posted…..later.


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