DIY Knotted Necklace: How to Tie a Celtic Triangle

DIY Knotted Necklace: How To Tie A Celtic TriangleI live in New England, so nautical influences are EVERYWHERE. In addition to a fair amount of beach-y, nautical touches in our home, I tend to wear a ton of navy, white, and gray in everyday life. It’s the baseline color palette for my wardrobe. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for a good pair of sailor pants — those buttons get me every time. A more subtle way to add a nautical element to any outfit? Add a rope accent accessory, be it a belt, necklace, or earrings. DIY Knotted Necklace: How To Tie A Celtic TriangleBefore the summer is over, do yourself a favor and make this Celtic Triangle Knot necklace. It’s a killer statement piece — and it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks, with a little practice. You’ll get SO MANY compliments. Every single time I wear mine, I get asked where I bought it. People are shocked when they find out I made it. And now you can, too!

The smaller the diameter of the rope you use and the tighter you weave the knot, the smaller your Celtic Triangle will be, so you can gauge whether you want to make a necklace, a bracelet, or even earrings! Once you’ve woven your knot, trim the ends, add a dab of glue and a couple of end caps, and pat yourself on the back. Go ahead — get your nautical on with a one-of-a-kind statement necklace. DIY Knotted Necklace: How To Tie A Celtic TriangleInto knots now? You can find more DIY knot videos on our new Made + Remade video page!

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  1. Dand says:

    Thank you! My girls will love these. You started with a 48 inch length. What is the length when finished?

  2. sundi says:

    I don't understand why in the world the camera couldn't have stayed at one angle so you could actually SEE all the steps.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us and I really like it. You make it very simple and only expert person will make this knotted necklace. Now we can make different numerous designed necklaces with Celtic Triangle.

  4. This one's a cool giveaway, Jess! I hope luck's on my side. I've been avoiding SC reviews for now since I don't want to feel jealous that they already read the book.

  5. Trish says:

    One more comment….I remember when Scandinavian love knots were the rage to hang within the home. Is this similar, or could you show us how to do this macrame project in the future? Again….This artwork is beautiful!

  6. Trish says:

    Ellen, this is a beautiful necklace. I smiled when I saw you label the sides green and purple. My daughters had taken ballet as little girls. To help the little ones know which foot, their instructor would have them wear a purple sock and a green sock since they were too young to know left and right. Can this design be used as a curtain tie backs? I think it would look beautiful next to a window,too. Thanks for sharing.


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