DIY Ways to Clean Up Carpet Messes

We love to entertain, but we also love our white rugs. Throw a 50 pound (absolutely adorable) dog into the mix, and you’d better believe this DIY-er has a few tricks up her sleeve! Check out this video with two of my favorites: how to get candle wax out of carpet and how to clean up dirty spots like muddy footprints.

You can find more DIY cleaning videos here on our new Made + Remade video page.

3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    The trick to get wax out of carpet is so handy!! Thank you. Another great trick I came across to get stains out of carpet is by soaking the stain with hairspray letting it sit and than scrubbing out with a cloth. It completely removed my royal blue nail polish spill:).

  2. Jenny John says:

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  3. Ness says:

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