Upcycled Mint Tins to Organize Your Work Bench


Clean your work area using color coded mint tins.

From making kids toys to a smartphone stand, there’s lots that you can do with an empty mint tin. They also happen to be incredibly useful for organizing all of your wing-bit-nut-screws-etc in your workshop storage, because so often, those small items can’t easily be resealed in their original store-bought packaging.

Use spray paint to color-code a series for your own purposes, and even use a permanent marker or vinyl letters to detail the contents on the lid.

Organize electrical items in small, color coded mint tins.

What types of workshop and craft items would you easily store in mint tins? Share your ideas with us in the comments. Here are some for starters:

  • Electrical wire connectors (shown above, by color)
  • Extra drill bits
  • Rubber bands
  • Bolts matched with nuts
  • Washers
  • Pushpins
  • Safety pins (as well as sewing needles, buttons, and thread if your workbench goes a crafty route)
  • Wood screws (ones I regularly use for projects come in plastic baggies of 25-50, so there are always extras leftover)
  • Extra screwdriver bits
  • Magnets (because the tin itself is the perfect surface for capturing all those attractive things – and are even the perfect surface for making a mint tin magnet game)
  • Assorted eye hooks
  • Small containers of adhesive
  • Batteries
  • If you need more travel tin inspiration, check out this post.

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