7 Tips for Streak-Free Stainless Appliances

How to keep stainless steel appliances and furniture clean.

Back when stainless appliances became popular, I wasn’t sure how long the appeal would last. The store models were always fingerprint-y, streaked, and presenting themselves as generally high-maintenance appliances. It’s a good thing that creative people out there have figured out ways to maintain stainless steel in practical household settings, even as everyday countertops, or else maybe their lust-factor would’ve fallen by the wayside much sooner! Instead, I find myself coveting stainless appliances – I’m totally crushing on the GE Artistry™ Series (pretty!!!) – and looking for a way to swap them into our kitchen as part of my kitchen resolution series.

WD-40: It’s no industry secret that this stuff is the cure-all for many home/auto/life conundrums. I’ve read that when applied to stainless appliances, like refrigerators, or regularly grasped oven doors, fingerprints and streaks are repelled. Some users mention that the film it leaves is a little annoying, and you might not want to use it unless you can easily ventilate the smell, but it still got great reviews as a do-it yourself stainless upkeep treatment.

Baby Oil: Same deal as WD-40, but a safer and healthier option for around the house. A little on the bebe, a little on the dishwasher door front, done.

Keep your stainless steel kitchen pretty and fingerprint-free.

Windex: All of its streak-free claims on windows translate to your stainless steel appliances, too.

Lemon Oil: My friend Heather recently revealed her love of essential oils, and has raved about how well lemon oil doubles as a wonderful stainless steel polish for appliances. I think I would try this over WD-40 for the smell factor alone!

White Vinegar: Vinegar is a great, natural household cleanser. Mix 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle to serve as a quick, family-safe way to clean everything from appliances, to yoga mats to washing machines and the inside of your dishwasher.

Two store-bought cleaners stand out too: Friends have raved about Bon Ami, a natural cleaner, and Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, which was rated #1 for stainless steel care.

Learn how to clean and maintain stainless steel in your home.

Love the stainless look? DIY Network does too! See it used in the just-released kitchen tour for DIY Network’s Blog Cabin 2014 here and in the gallery below.

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  1. Alec Cowburn says:

    Lemon oil? Oh, that sounds amazing! It's so good that I can do my nice smelling and efficient cleaners by myself. I will try the cleaning methods mentioned above. Thanks for sharing!

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    Really one of the amazing post here i have found today. I liked the ideas of your. Thanks for sharing.


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