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Every so often, I find myself with a couple of aches and pains. Most over-the-counter analgesic heat rubs help, but I can’t stand that chemical smell. After doing a little research, I found that Capsaicin, a healing oil found in many types of peppers, can be used as a natural remedy for stiff, sore muscles. This year I just happened to have grown approximately one million Thai chili peppers (or bird’s eye chilies, as they’re sometimes called), so I thought I’d try my hand at making my own natural muscle rub.

Laurie March Blog Homemade Chili Muscle Ache Remedy

Check out the video here to watch me whip some up.


Recipe for Laurie’s Thai Chili Muscle Rub



5-7 Thai Chilies

2 C Olive Oil

1 OZ Beeswax

25 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

1 TSP Liquid Vitamin E



1.    While wearing gloves, finely dice the chilies. Be careful not to touch your eyes while chopping.

Laurie March Home Remedy Muscle Soreness Blog

2.   Combine the peppers and olive oil in a slow cooker/crockpot. Let the mixture simmer for 4-8 hours. This will infuse the oil with the chilies’ capsaicin.

3.   Once the mixture has simmered, allow the mixture to cool for at least 2 hours.

4.   Pour the mixture both through cheesecloth and a strainer. You do not want any seeds or pulp to end up in your chili infused oil.

Straining Chili Juice Homemade Health Remedy Laurie March Blog

 5.    Chop beeswax into small pieces.

Bees Wax as natural homeopathic health remedy rx

6.    In a microwave safe bowl, combine 1 cup of the chili infused oil with the chopped beeswax.

7.    Microwave the mixture in 30 second intervals until beeswax is completely melted.

8.   Quickly and carefully remove mixture from microwave.

9.   While hot, add lemon essential oil and liquid vitamin E. Mix thoroughly.

10.  Quickly spoon the mixture into small, sterilized containers. It’s important to complete this step before mixture begins to harden.

Chil and Bees Wax Natural Health Benefits Make Your Own Blog By Laurie March

11.   Allow the mixture to cool until it solidifies.

Now if you find yourself with a twinge or a crick, simply use the heat of your hand to melt some of this magical balm and rub it on wherever it hurts. The healing heat will get to work right away.

Muscle Ache Remedy Rub Make it Yourself Laurie March Recipe

You’re moisturizing your skin while you’re soothing your muscles and the fresh lemon scent and all natural ingredients will soothe your soul.

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