Make Firecracker Cocktails With Hot Pepper-Infused Vodka

chili pepper infused vodka

Drop fresh chili peppers or habañeros into a jar of vodka to infuse it with spicy flavor. Glittery nails courtesy of Hannah Slaughter. Photo by Dan Lipe.

We know you’re not really using up all your vodka to clean the house — the best use is for drinking, amiright? And now that we’re growing our own garden here at Made + Remade, I thought it could be fun to infuse a little vodka with our hot peppers for Fourth of July festivities. I had a cocktail recently called a Firecracker that paired habañero-infused vodka with strawberry juice, and the combination was AMAZING. I was surprised that the habañero didn’t make the vodka overly hot — it flavored it just enough to add spice without overwhelming the palate. While we don’t have habañeros in our garden, we do have some small chili peppers that will be sure to add a little kick.

chili peppers from the Made + Remade garden

We have a variety of small chili peppers in our garden. Photo by Dan Lipe.

To make your own pepper vodka, start with freshly picked hot peppers — whatever varieties you have on hand should do. Rinse the peppers, and drop a few whole peppers into your vodka. The amount depends on the amount of liquor and how spicy you like it. For a quart-size Mason jar of vodka, I added 3-4 peppers. Play around with it to get a taste that suits you.

chili peppers in vodka

The hot peppers should steep for 3 to 5 days.

Put the top back on your jar or bottle and store in a cool, dark, safe place (like a liquor cabinet) for 3 to 5 days. Remember, the longer you leave the peppers in the liquid, the more flavor they’ll impart. Then strain our the solids and use your pepper-infused vodka as you like. I am thinking Bloody Marys using other garden goodies sound excellent. But so does pepper vodka with lemonade. And then there’s that strawberry concoction … yum!

You could also drop the peppers into a regular bottle, but the jar is pretty, and you know we love Mason jar crafts around here. See our 10 Most-Pinned Mason Jar ideas in the gallery below. Maybe this idea will make it to the list!

Do you have any favorite garden-fresh liquor infusions? What kind of “firecracker” cocktails will you make with your pepper-infused vodka?

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  2. Hannah B. says:

    We let ours sit for 4 days and then tried it with our Sunday bloody marys… *delish*!


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