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Create A Summer Bucket ListEvery summer, I have grand plans to “do it all”, knock out all of the must-do adventures, and have a blast every single second. So far, I haven’t managed to achieve this lofty goal since I was about nine years old, when my entire goal for summer was to read every single book from The Baby-sitters Club series. (Yes, I was a huge bookworm.) Nowadays, my summer wish list consists of craving more family time, wanting to introduce our daughter to all of the things she was too young to do last year, and maybe even sneak in some relaxation.Create A Summer Bucket List

Last summer, I noticed a post from a friend on Facebook talking about her family’s “summer bucket list”. I thought it was a cute idea… but then never sat down to make one of our own. Lo and behold, the summer was over in a flash and we hadn’t done half of the things we’d wanted to do. This year, I’m approaching the summer a little more mindfully. Not because we HAVE to cross off each item on this list, but because if it’s right in front of us, we’ll be more likely to make the most of any free time we have for a quick jaunt off on an adventure.Create A Summer Bucket LIst

Here’s our family’s summer bucket list:

  1. More beach days. (Self explanatory, no?)
  2. Visit the New England Aquarium.
  3. Bicycling at Odiorne Point.
  4. Ice cream from Round Top – The ice cream of my childhood, and a Midcoast Maine institution. Hot fudge will never taste just right unless it’s from Round Top.
  5. Grow vegetables – A big goal for us this summer is teaching the kiddo how her food is grown. My husband will play a big part in this, mostly because I kill plants. I’m the Dexter of gardening. Not kidding.
  6. Visit the Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve - As a child, I explored the Rachel Carson Salt Pond on school trips, and I want our girl to see it firsthand.
  7. S’mores at Pine Cove – We’re aiming to increase our s’mores quotient while visiting Grandma and Grandpa.
  8. Breakfast at The Airfield Cafe - Breakfast while watching takeoff and landing? Yes, please.
  9. Fishing with the cousins – Strictly catch and release, people.
  10. Maine blueberries – We pick them on top of a mountain near a lake. Because you can do that sort of thing in Maine.
  11. Explore the lake with Nana – We’ll be spending a little family time at Lake Winnipesaukee this summer and I can’t wait.
  12. Teach the Minnow to swim – Not only for safety, but also because with a nickname like Minnow, our daughter basically has to be a proficient swimmer.
  13. Horseback riding – I’m a former barn girl, and our daughter just had her first ride on a pony – obsessed.
  14. Backyard BBQ  - We really meant to have one last summer. It just never happened. This year, bring it on.
  15. Build a swing set – New house, new backyard… no swing set. Our goal is to remedy that somehow by the end of the summer.

Create A Summer Bucket ListNow that you’ve seen my Summer Bucket List, I want to know what’s on yours! Do you have big plans for the season? Do you make a list, or play it loose? The galleries below might spark your bucket list!

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