Creative Spaces: Ideas for Craft Rooms, Workshops and Home Studios

Do you sometimes skip doing a craft or project because you just don’t have the space to get it done? And it’s a pain in the bum to gather all the supplies, lay them out on the kitchen table and then put them all away before dinnertime.Do you dream of that big attic studio with lots of bright windows, or an adorable artist cottage out in the backyard? Yeah, we all do. But, don’t let not having a primo space hold you back. You may be surprised to find out that some of our very talented bloggers and content contributors don’t have a space like that either. They also craft at their kitchen table or just have a desk in the corner of their spare bedroom. But, by using smart organization tricks and surrounding themselves with things that inspire, they manage to make small spaces work for them.

Craft Room

Take a look at Jen Carreiro’s space. She has a super successful wedding blog called Something Turquoise. Her creative space is a section of a spare bedroom. But she has managed to maximize storage and stay organized by utilizing file cabinets, cubbies and plastic totes. Even though she’s got a lot of stuff cleverly tucked away, she keeps some supplies out in plain to inspire her – if you see it, you’ll want to use it.

craft supply storage

Look for unique ways to store your craft supplies. Hannah Slaughter, one of our in-house designers and blogger, stashes her paints and supplies in an old apothecary cabinet.


Jess Abbott (The Sewing Rabbit) uses an old industrial shelf to display supplies ,and a white metal locker to hide the ones she doesn’t want to see.

Home office

Tiffany Threadgould (recycler extraordinaire) was short on space, so she just took her furniture vertical. She cleverly created storage and shelving by stacking tables and desks on top of each other.

Are you looking for new ways to store your crafting supplies? Stash with style and function — it’ll help keep you inspired.

Are stacks of magazines and idea books cluttering up your space? Check out these ideas for keeping them corralled.

It’s hard to stay focused on a project when you can’t find the tools and materials you need. So start with your work space, make it functional, then the creativity will flow.

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  1. Highest IQ says:

    Love the ideas, all we need is a little bit of creativity and imagination in transforming or decorating our work-space or workshops. –

  2. Buy Crafts says:

    Love the ideas, all we need is a little bit of creativity and imagination in transforming or decorating our work-space or workshops.

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  4. Beth says:

    I am definitely doing this to my craft room!


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