Grow Your Own Glow: Purple Potato Mask

Laurie March DIY Blog Potato Face Mask

Laurie here! Back to bring you more homegrown spa products to keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed this summer. I became so obsessed with whipping up my own beet lip gloss and cucumber body butter, I decided to DIY a face mask as well. Check out the video for my Purple Potato Face Mask here.

Laurie March DIY Potato Mask Blog

 Potatoes soften skin and reduce blemishes, making them fantastic to use in skincare. Because vegetables with a deep purple color have more antioxidants than any others, I thought they’d be perfect for this rich, replenishing mask. The olive oil will moisturize your skin while the milk soothes red spots. Whole milk especially provides your skin with the healthy fats and proteins it needs in order to retain moisture throughout the day.

Laurie March DIY Blog Potato Facial

Recipe for Laurie’s Perfect Purple Face Mask


6 Medium Sized Purple Potatoes

1 TSP Olive Oil

3 TBSP Whole Milk


1.    In a large pot of water, boil the potatoes, skins on, for about 10 minutes, until soft.

2.    Remove potatoes from the pot and allow them to cool.

3.   Peel the potatoes’ skins off completely and discard skins.

Laurie March DIY Blog Potato Paste

4.    In a large bowl, mash potatoes thoroughly.

5.    Add olive oil and milk.

Laurie March Potato Facial DIY Blog

6.   Mix and mash until you have a purple paste without lumps.

7.    Spoon into individual airtight containers. Mixture must be kept in the refrigerator and lasts approximately 1 month.

Laurie March Blog DIY Facial with Potatos

To use this spunky spud mask, spread the mixture liberally over your face and neck. Allow to it to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse completely using warm water.

And there you have it! Soft summer skin brought to you straight from the garden. You say potato, I say spa day!

4 Responses

  1. most likely it is the same trick as with apples. A squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar on them before mashing to keep them from turning colors. I haven't tried this myself because I can never find the purple potatoes, I really want to though. That would be my best guess on how to keep them bright and pretty. Good luck on them!!

  2. belleza says:

    A skin-nourishing facial mask from purple potatoes.

  3. Kate M. says:

    What a cool idea! This looks like something I could actually pull off!

    • Laurie_March says:

      Thanks Kate! It was a pretty painless DIY project for sure.

      Will you make it at home? If so, I hope you share your glowing results! hehe.


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