5 Weirdest Food Tech Items


Technology has crept into nearly every aspect of life— I’ve embraced it in my phone, my house, my car… so why not my dinner table? I don’t mean creepy chicken nugget pink slime, or TV dinners made with more plastic than an actual TV (yuck). I’m talking about mad food scientists inventing amazing things, especially in the dessert department (after all, necessity is the mother of invention, and desserts are necessary). I’ve rounded up some of the wackiest. Do you dare to dig in? Here’s a taste:

photo source: Sub Zero Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream. If you’ve ever gazed longingly at your ice cream maker, dreaming of exotic flavors but short on hours, you’re not alone. Many an inventive blend could have been created (apricot-espresso-fudge, anyone?) if not for the fact that when I want ice cream, I want it now. Apparently, the creators of Sub Zero Ice Cream felt the same way, because they make ice cream to order…using liquid nitrogen. That’s minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit, baby, and a 15-second blast of the stuff turns milk into the stuff we scream for. There’s no time for water molecules to turn to ice, so the makers claim their ice cream is extra-smooth. It’s not a new idea—see DIY instructions here —but Sub Zero does the dirty work for you. Find stores near you here.

photo source: Yonanas

Banana-based soft serve. The old Chiquita jingle may have said you should never put bananas in the refrigerator, but Chiquita hadn’t anticipated Yonanas, the home dessert maker that makes soft serve out of frozen bananas. You just freeze overripe bananas (right, the ones you didn’t want to eat anymore, anyway), push ‘em into the machine, add chocolate or other frozen fruits to taste, and out comes a dairy-free frozen dessert, pulverized to ice creamy perfection. And psst, banana haters, Yonanas also makes desserts that are banana-free.

Inhaled food. Le Whaf won’t satisfy your hunger, but its creators hope it’ll cap your cravings for rich dishes like filet mignon and French onion soup by turning them into calorie-free gases you inhale. This gizmo is a glass cylinder attached to an ultrasound; the ultrasound turns liquid foods into flavor vapor. At last, beef juices and other liquid foods can be breathed instead of bitten.

photo source: Foodini

Printable chocolate (and more). Even if you’re a true chocolate addict, I’ll bet this is one way you’ve never tried the sweet stuff. Choc Edge is a 3D printer that can create just about any design you dream of…in chocolate. Don’t have such a sweet tooth? Check out Foodini. It’s not yet on the market , but the sleek box promises to print healthy, whole foods—not just candy or processed food cartridges. Think: dino-shaped veggies, animal crackers made from nuts and seeds, or beautifully designed cookies made with the same ingredients you’d bake in your oven. It’s true that 3D printing is an art, and beginners have been known to make some extravagant mistakes. But these are the only printers where you can eat all your errors. Yum.

Sometimes, weird tastes good. Dig in.

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