Creative Genius: Jess Bartley from EstheKitchen


Make your own beauty and skin care products at home in your kitchen with ulive's EstheKitchen.

Three cheers for Jessica Bartley! The second season of her creative and inspiring show, EstheKitchen, just launched on ulive, and you’re guaranteed to like it. The premise: she’ll show you just how easy it is to make delightful beauty treatments, personal remedies, and common household cleaners from natural ingredients that you probably already have right at your home (like, eggs!). She’s a licensed esthetician, and puts a great spin on DIY – that’s why we’re crowning her our latest Creative Genius.

I really enjoy hearing about how people come into their field of work, and it’s especially inspiring when someone can take their natural talents, hobbies and passions, and turn them into something like this that suits them so perfectly. Jess is one of those people, someone with a passion for what she’s doing combined with a fun energy that makes her perfect on camera. And talent aside, from educating you on three different ways to use baking soda in your beauty routine to making luxurious coconut lemon body scrub, Jess has an awesome way of showing you how to make yourself feel good. (Shine on, girl.)

Learn how to make DIY beauty products from Jess Bartley on ulive's EstheKitchen.

With summertime officially here, I was especially interested to learn about what goes into making homemade sunscreen using red raspberry seed oil and carrot seed oil, both which have natural SPF properties. And because I’m the mom to a 7-month old baby, she highly recommended me to try her diaper rash creamAmazing!

I’m going to leave it up to you to go check out the EstheKitchen channel on ulive to see her videos for yourself, but trust me here: regardless if you’re invested in a wholly organic lifestyle and want to make your own DIY vegan deodorant, or you’re just interested in learning how to whip up a batch of homemade lip and cheek stain to create your own summer tint, the videos will make you want to embrace a do-it-yourself lifestyle. Enjoy!

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