Father’s Day: What to Give the Hipster Dad

Father's Day: What To Give The Hipster Dad

I wouldn’t quite call my husband a “hipster”. He did have a beard all winter, but he’s never gotten within ten feet of skinny jeans. However, his tastes in gifts (and the things I’m drawn to give him) are definitely hipster-esque, albeit with a gearhead twist. In preparation of the upcoming Father’s Day, I’ve compiled a list of the things I think would be least likely to be returned. Or hidden under the bed.

Manual Designs: BMW 2002 Turbo Headshot
The 2002 is the one BMW model my husband most wants to get his hands on to restore. This simple, but gorgeous print would be a fantastic gift for him…and the only kind of car wall art I’d ever allow in our bedroom.

Father's Day: What To Give The Hipster Dad

Image via Manual Designs

Benjamin Bott: Horween Chromexcel iPhone 5 Wallet Case
My guy needs a new wallet, like, whoa. Because this one does double duty and holds/protects his phone, it also means his phone will end up in my purse less often. Now if only we can get him a new key chain so his keys will fit in his pocket…

Father's Day: What To Give The Hipster Dad

Hand-crafted leather iPhone Wallet Case via Benjamin Bott.

Old Dutch Leatherworks: The Loop keychain
Moniker: Pendleton-Lined Valet Tray
Oh, did I just mention my husband needs a new keychain? This one by Old Dutch Leatherworks will do nicely. And while we’re at it, how about something stylish to catch his keys, spare change and pocket detritus at the end of the day? I’ve been in love with this Pendleton-lined Valet Tray by Moniker Goods for a couple months. I mean, ahem, he will LOVE it.

Buck Products: The Flapsack
I love that this backpack looks like the one I had in elementary school. He’ll love that it’s streamlined, simple and has nothing girly about it. Perfect for a Saturday fishing trip with his little girl, or a hiking excursion.

Good To-Go: Smoked Three Bean Chili
If there happens to be a hiking or camping trip coming up over the summer, this is the camp food your guy is going to want in his pack. Oh-my-dear-goodness delicious and all natural (i.e. no ingredients I can’t pronounce), this is the dehydrated meal for the foodie in your life.

Iron & Air Magazine: One Year Subscription
This is one of the most gorgeous motorcycle/lifestyle magazines I’ve ever seen. It makes me rue the day I decided to sell my bike. (Pregnancy has a way of clarifying which risks are acceptable, and which are not.) My husband has his subscription to Bimmer, but I know he’d love leafing through Iron & Air.

Meriwether: Classic Six Pack Carrier
Headed to a friend’s BBQ and want to BYO beer, but only have singles in the fridge? Forget about trying to wrangle glass bottles in a bag – grab your Meriwether beer caddy, with bottle opener included. (I have actually never faced this dilemma – my backyard BBQ travel conundrums include transporting cupcakes, finding matching Tupperware lids, etc.) I actually got this one for my husband to take out to his shop with him. Either way, it’s handy and looks super cool. Especially with root beer and ginger brew.

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams: Hickory Smoked Country Bacon
Order bacon online, you say? I get your skepticism, but I’m here to tell you this bacon is WORTH IT. After tasting this bacon on a trip to Knoxville, I may never be able to eat any other bacon again. It’s THAT good.

The Greater Goods: Mechanic Soap
You know my guy is a welder, fabricator and all around engine man, which means there’s often a lot of clean up between the shop and a hug and kiss from his girls. This soap sounds like a heavenly combination – active charcoal to slough off and absorb toxins, and a whole whack of natural ingredients to soothe and smooth rough hands. Beautiful.

Artkive App
Any guy who loves tech AND his offspring will love this. Scan in your tot’s scribbles, save them, share them, store them digitally, and then when you’ve collected 20 or more, print out a hardcover album of your child’s artistic brilliance. Bonus? You can reclaim the storage space that two foot stack of “artwork” is occupying… Learn more and download here. 

Family Time
Of all the things I’d buy for my husband for Father’s Day, the one thing he requested was plain and simple: time spent as a family. No errands, no agenda, just relaxed time hanging out.  Even bearded tough guys need snuggles, y’all.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the hipster and non-hipster dads alike!

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