6 Easy Father’s Day Gifts That Dads Actually Want

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m a bad dad. Not the Louis C.K. lock-myself-in-the-bathroom kind of dad, but the kind of dad who converted our recent trip to Carolina Beach to see family into an all-in-one “Mother’s Day/Beach Trip Extravaganza” (i.e. Mathilda forgot to get mommy a Mother’s Day present).

So while I tiptoe past Father’s Day with absolutely no expectations, I want to note there are plenty of original Father’s Day ideas for thoughtful, non-forgetful dads everywhere.

Make Dad Fauxnuts

Sweeten Up Father's Day with Fauxnuts

All this talk of National Doughnut Day has Ellen Foord geeked out and me dreaming of some of these mouthwatering homemade baked delights. And easy-prep fake doughnuts out of the deep fryer? Everybody wins!

Make Dad His Own Aftershave

All the Ingredients for Bay Rum Aftershave

Although I rarely shave with a blade, I know for a fact that young and old dads alike love to kick it old school when it comes to shaving these days. With more than 100 years of history, nothing is more old school than Bay Rum aftershave — or shaving soap for that matter — and this is so easy, you’ll spend more time personalizing the bottle than making it. Clean-shaven dads everywhere will shout “Bully!” at this time-tested gift.

Transform Dad Into a Professional Bartender Instantly

9 Must-Have Cocktail Glasses for the Home Bar

Maybe dad has a home bar, or maybe he just has a cabinet half-full of pint glasses (and a few stashed in the freezer for the game). Either way, just like an old-school shave, cocktails are real in, ya dig? And the discerning gentleman will beam with pride when he can serve friends their favorite cocktails from a stocked bar in the appropriate glasses.

Buy Dad His Favorite Record Album

Tips for Finding Vintage Vinyl

Trust me on this: Dad loves vinyl — Even if he doesn’t have a ridiculously affordable throwback turntable, even if he doesn’t have a record collection, even if he doesn’t listen to a lot of music. Mom will know which record will speak to his soul and armed with these vinyl-buying tips, can find it.

Take Dad’s Grill to the Next Level

Turbocharge a Grill with the BBQ Dragon

Dad has barbecuing down pat, right? And he also knows exactly what it will take for his favorite team to go undefeated, too. Translation: He can always use valuable input, and tools like the BBQ Dragon can take him to the pro ranks when he tackles the grill. If you ever need an original gift, our I Want That galleries are loaded with ideas.

Give Dad a Chance to Relax

5 Boozy Father's Day Gift Ideas

All the neckties in the world won’t beat a hammock and a cold beverage.

Just like when you’re invited to a summer get-together or backyard party, booze is a can’t-miss gift for dad, too. Fortunately, Nick Britsky has you covered with five alcohol-inspired gifts any imbibing dad will welcome, including how to make a delicious mai-tai in a pineapple!

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  2. Minnow + Co says:

    "The Louis C.K. lock-myself-in-the-bathroom kind of dad." Dying of laughter. You deserve fauxnuts for working in a Louis reference to a Father's Day post.


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