Things We Like: Modern Cat Furniture

Cats need an outlet too, and any pet owner who has dealt with shredded curtains and clawed couches knows the importance of giving that cat a getaway to expend some of that extra energy, and an out of the way place for taking a good nap.

Modern picks for cool cat furniture.

Around here, we’re all about making some of our own toys and pieces of furniture to appease our curious felines. Some of our favorite tutorials include how to make a cat tower or a cat condo with wicker basketsa corrugated cardboard scratching pad, and irresistible catnip-infused toys shaped like fortune cookies, but if you’re not feeling like making, and just want to need ideas for something that’s guaranteed to look great in your home, we can help you there too.

Here are some creative cat furniture styles that you’ll be happy to integrate into your own home:

  1. This Cat Scratcher is a cool, modern design. It would definitely be a piece you wouldn’t feel the need to hide when you have company over.
  2. The Buddha XL Perch is just one of many contemporary, minimalist cat systems sold by Square Cat Habitat. I love them all.
  3. Hide that cat litter in a classy way. This functional piece doubles well as a beautiful furniture accent.
  4. I really like the design of this smaller cat abode, which features a beautifully woven dome-like top, white carpeting pieces for scratching, and dangling feather accents.
  5. I can’t help but wonder if I could make something like this towering cat tower design with some PVC piping and patience, but I do like that it’s tall, and would take up minimal floor space in a small home. With multiple perches, it’s perfect if you have several cats.

Looking for other interior-design friendly ideas for your cat? Check out these products for more inspiration:

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