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A well-organized kitchen not only makes it easier to store and find your most-utilized gadgets and groceries, it makes cooking at home a less frustrating experience. Don’t we all wish our kitchens were this orderly?

How to organize your kitchen island.

As part of the kitchen makeover I’ve been doing this year, shelving organization has been something I’ve given a lot of thought.

Our kitchen is straight out of the 1950s, and one of our biggest struggles is the height of the cabinets – each shelf has only 10″ of clearance, which is a few inches too short for cereal boxes to stand upright (ours lay sideways), and too short to stack canned goods on top of each other to maximize the vertical space. Frustrating! Because I’m not yet in a position to replace the cabinets or redo the pantry, I’ve been seeking inspiration that can be applied to my own storage needs.

Maybe some of these ideas for kitchen storage can help you too:

Check out how the kitchen is set up for Jessica Bartley’s show EstheKitchen on Ulive – I love that mini shelf containing spices in what appears to be recycled baby food jars. So perfect, isn’t it? A great space saver!

Spice storage inspiration from EstheKitchen on Ulive

For more kitchen organization ideas, browse through this gallery:

Installing shelving in an empty and otherwise unused corner is a good way of taking advantage of serious kitchen real estate. Consider your eat-in kitchen space too, you might find that there is an extra foot around the perimeter to slide in a wall-mount unit. If you don’t have a walk-in pantry, this is the next best thing.

Pantry organization inspiration for a blank wall in your home.

For more ideas on creating a custom pantry, check out these photos:

Installing drawers in some of the lower cabinets would quickly help to maximize drawer storage. Store-bought installation drawer kits are available in many configurations, suitable for storing everything from appliances to plates and bowls to big pots and pans. I could also build sliding drawers similar to how I did in my previous kitchen.

Retrofit your cabinets with drawers to maximize storage for pots and pans.

Other tips? Share your tried-and-true ideas with us in the comments!

3 Responses

  1. Johhny says:

    I love this kitchen; it reminds me of my childhood days. I grew up on a farm where the kitchen and pantry was build with a similar open plan. During the fishing season you could always find a few pieces of carp jerky hanging just behind the kitchen in the pantry. For those that don’t know, carp is a freshwater fish that nowadays are caught with boilies as bait. In those years we used a piece of bread or a sweet corn kernel. During the hunting season the carp jerky was replaced with buck jerky and sometimes my grandfather made jerky from cattle. It was some of the best times in my life, ultra thanks for the memories.

  2. Cat says:

    While these ideas LOOK GREAT, they aren't very practical. Having your canisters and baking needs under the counter is counterproductive; not to mention being within reach of kids and pets! A single drawer dedicated to lids for pots & pans???? Only if your kitchen is the size of my townhome. My kitchen is organized; everything is within reach for ease of use; every square inch is utilized to the fullest because my kitchen is 8' x 9'. It may not be camera ready like the ones in the picture, but I know right where everything is…furthermore, open shelving is a pain when you actually do a lot of cooking and baking in your kitchen; just TRY keeping dust and grease off all those items!

    • Kasey says:

      Re the "open shelving" trend: Cat is SO right! Unless you don't cook – or unless you have a cleaning person / housekeeper – open shelves are impractical. If you want an open look without muss 'n' fuss, consider glass doors of some kind.


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