DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art


DIY Pantone Paint Chip ArtThis post is a two-fer: a great idea for quick and easy wall decor that’s (woot woot) FREE, and a funny anecdote about how nervous I get when it comes to taking free things.

OK, so you’ve probably seen paint chip art on Pinterest. There are some very gorgeous, intricate examples out there that blow my mind. I had the idea filed away as a potential project to try “someday.” Then Lowe’s partnered with Pantone on a line of paint. There was a double take and a shopping cart that came to a screeching halt when I spotted that lovely collaboration. So, now that I have a whole lot of blank white wall space to fill up in my studio, you bet I was looking for gorgeous ideas that had a zero dollar price tag. Enter this paint chip project.DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Now, first, I need you all to know that I’m not advocating you go raid your local Lowe’s of all of their Pantone paint chips. That would not be cool. In fact, I was so uncertain about whether the idea was actually a good one that I called my local store to find out if taking more than one paint chip was a frowned upon no-no. The employee I spoke with assured me I could take as many as I wanted, but you’d better believe I was a nervous wreck when I went to the store. I totally felt like I was shoplifting — sweaty palms, racing heart, quick glances over my shoulder — the whole nine yards. I chose a few colors that centered around Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, took a deep breath … and pocketed a small stack of each color. The whole time, I was expecting security to apprehend me. Nevermind the fact that I’ve spent enough money at Lowe’s in the past five years to alleviate any free-paint-chip guilt (and then some) — I’m obviously just a total goody goody and a complete wimp.

Either way, I made it back to my studio without so much as a slap on the wrist and got started on layout. I liked the idea of a traditional square with an ombre twist, but also wanted to try a Swiss cross with a traditional ombre fade. And heap on the Radiant Orchid color paletteDIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Once I had my shapes down, I measured the width so that I could mock up the layouts on the wall. DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Then I used some washi tape to mark where I wanted the paint chip grid to go on the wall and to make sure I had a level line as a base for the bottom row. DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Here’s where we take a paint chip grid pit stop. It was at this point that I got totally distracted by the hot mess that was my switch cover, which was directly next to where my paint chip grid was going to live. Errrrrrr … Last minute digging into the washi tape bin for a fast fix? DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Yup. That’s better.

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

OK, back to paint chip art. Once I had my level line, all I did was throw a little double sided table on each corner of the paint chip and stick it on the wall (lightly, so that I can take the chips down without pulling off any paint). DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

One row to go….

Instead of an absolute ombre effect, I chose to put the darkest color in the middle, so the ombre effect extended upwards and downwards. Adore.

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art


Then I turned my attention to my Swiss cross, which was going on the rough brick wall between two windows. I was skeptical that the double sided tape would hold, but I had underestimated my friends at Scotch. Totally worked. DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

Seriously, how much more in love could I be with this Lowe’s/Pantone collaboration that allowed me to create fast and easy Radiant Orchid wall decor in a flash?

DIY Pantone Paint Chip Art

It may not actually be art, but it’s free, beautiful, and went up on my previously empty wall in less than 20 minutes. What’s not to love? What about you — are you totally OK with helping yourself to advertised free items, or do you get sweaty-palms-anxious like I do?

For the kiddo’s art day, see the gallery below!

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